WeChat bonus period has passed as content entrepreneurs where do you want to fight in the futureJi

March 1st, ofo threw a heavy news, announced the completion of 450 million U.S. dollars about 3 billion 100 million yuan D round of financing. The financing led by DST, drop, CITIC industry fund, Jingwei China, Coatue, Atomico, the new Hualian Group and other institutions with the cast.

Several features of



in a shared bicycle when Jinsha River had received make first appearance, v-mobile bicycle BP, but because of the friction of worship is too heavy, riding experience is poor, with higher cost factors, finally gave up on the v-mobile investment.

1, re Subversion: from time line to user tag

", "" and "ofo" are the most satisfactory investments I have made so far." Luo Bin said.

and Luo Bin, by chance, saw ofo and asked for a founder interview.

but 2 years after this speech, new subversion has emerged.

in this mode, each user’s scope of attention determines the boundaries of the content of the information they receive, and within this boundary, new information will continue to form the old information coverage.

regret and bet on

2. model is lighter and the cost is lower. The number of cars can be bigger;

so every time you turn on micro-blog and your friends, the first thing you see is not the most important news of the day, but the latest self timer that you focus on, or the public number that your friend just forwarded.

is worth noting that the main problem of the last change was to increase the supply of content; this change was primarily to reduce the supply of content, or to optimize and screen the content.

user browsing information, will receive the corresponding labels Tag, as long as enough multi label, and through cross comparison and accurate, the platform can accurately analyze the knowledge background, personality, interest and attention in the field of users, and even more personal information, and news content and keywords matching intelligent thus, more concerned about the content for users to recommend.

More than

"I got all my good projects."."


these two projects behind the early investors, there are Luo Bin figure.

new trends, today’s headlines, daily express, hundreds of other personalized content platform as a representative of the intensive outbreak. Unlike previously, information is no longer prioritized by time, and user tagging becomes the core principle of the new content organization.

answers these questions, we need to understand trends in content ecology.

holds a master’s degree in law from Peking University and a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Zhongshan University. After graduation, Luo Bin worked in several funds and investment institutions. In 2014 he joined the Jinsha River venture capital, investment reflects off, ofo, VIP, and other projects to raise love sparring.

founded more than two years, this is the eighth ofo get financing. At first, no one can think of it, will be affected by capital so pursued.

Luo Bin rides ofo on the street

content entrepreneurship is ushering in a " Saatchi ".

ofo make Luo Bin think it is feasible:

in June 2014, Hu Hu, a teacher at Beida University, made a speech on media and time. One of the core ideas is that social media has created a new milestone in the history of human media, and Time Line has become the core organizing principle of media content.

in the face of increasingly diverse channels, high-quality content producers, how should we choose the main battle platform, how to obtain platform support, expand their influence, and even realize commercial realization?

subversion of the two content organization, content >

in this mode, the content that the user gets is not necessarily the latest, nor necessarily the most important, but what he is most interested in.

3. does not sweep two-dimensional code, WeChat public number unlock more convenient.

in recent months, almost all high quality content creators, we receive the invitation and the " platform, ", " penguin; UC; " " ", " NetEase; 100 " various platform " assembly, is " frequent blow.

meets in the Jinsha River office, Luo Bin’s cell phone shell is mirrored LOGO, mint background with a coffee owl, holding in hand is very conspicuous.

2, the three age of content provision,


1. from the school began laying, conducive to operations and market development;

time back to the end of 2012, when Luo Bin is not in Jinsha River. At that time, Jinsha River venture capital decided to take part in the taxi A round of investment, while angel investor Wang Gang has the idea to transfer 5% of the old stock, so in Jinsha River recommended, Luo Bin go to Zhongguancun e world drops most


put aside these points, ofo’s firm commitment to investment, perhaps with the previous and missed regret.

in 2016, the cold wave swept the venture capital circle, many of the enterprises because they can not get the money and thirsty died in the halfway. However, cold winter is also the darling of the capital, financing amount and frequency of part of the company is still too high for raspberry. OFO and the guests were among them.


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