How to solve the problem of fast down the right site

common problems about products


single chain drop right, will not lead to drop right is only ranked small floating

?How to determine the

, low quality content lead to fall right, should be promptly removed, will appear dead links, submit, update the high quality links

I am the first to distinguish right down and punishment because the two are not the same, the punishment is the search engine to pull into the blacklist, right down to just reduce the score, it can be restored, the punishment was K, site was 0 (link penalty)


to change the title and layout error >

2: revision

portal station, every day a large number of updates to be equipped with professional editors, only rely on the optimization of personnel is not enough, otherwise it may not reach the

how we can quickly solve the problem of site drop right, first I ask a question, your website is down right? So we are how to judge the website is down right

drop right is the search engine on the web integrated score fell

with the chain of love Shanghai webmaster tools inside the site to see the chain analysis information, view the site outside the chain to see whether large fluctuations in the data, the quality of the chain, is not your own hair, may be outside the chain of others made some rubbish for you, if there is rubbish on the chain blocked.

website ranking suddenly greatly decreased or the ranking of 100, this problem can not determine whether your site right down, possibly because of some operation error, for example, to change the title, first encountered this problem we need to do is watch the website (at least a week), see a week later no, do not encounter the problem of arbitrary changes to the site, because this time love Shanghai for data updating, only temporarily remove your ranking, to when the next update will recover. If a week past your site has not been restored, your website is down right.




2. high weight link (chain)

domain name has an URL address database, which placed the site of all links, including the chain outside the hair, if it is being punished the entire database list will be deleted when the data are not ranked so that the site is down right. Tip: if your website is punished suggest you change a new domain name to do, because the penalty domain recovery cycle is very long (at least half a year), a new domain name, the cost is not very high, and the new domain name to do good.


drop right after we should do

Copy the contents of

1. general chain

drop right really

Enterprise Station updated daily one or two article is good, do not update the industry news and business news, the best is

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