love Shanghai station 24 days experience up to 2 weight

I woke up today as in the past or open the computer, the head also did not comb face did not wash, go to view the site 00! Is very difficult to understand, I think the 80% owners are similar in such circumstances, but today I was very happy, because it has power to 2, this is a new station. Just 24 days, right above 2 flow, IP2000, this is probably the most ever have a sense of accomplishment!

is how to cultivate the new station, make the site in the short term heavy right ascension.

has a good CMS also needs a good template, the template here is a very important step oh, if you choose a Shanghai dragon very bad template, unless you have the Shanghai dragon optimization skills, otherwise you will be very passive, so I do not go to the Marx official download to copy a template. A small change, the Shanghai dragon keywords his definition of content! So my station finally smoothly in front of me

server, the whole server is 1 websites operate independently, I do not recommend, because some time instability caused by Shanghai love right down several things happen, so the author claims under direct rent server, the speed is fast

At the early stage of

1. domain nameSelect the domain name

is of course early preparatory work, the author established the new sites but after thinking for a long time it was determined to do, because the pocket is really too clean, so repeated consideration, the whole site plan to text form to make a record of

!< >

is the domain name for the record which do not now? National policy is very strict Oh, if not for the record is very easy to be OUT, so I want to take a series of pre do have done, for a few days to close the station, so as not to make a station, quietly waiting for the record down at the beginning

spaceHere I choose the


5. template selection

2. domain name for the record ! !The selected ! ! explosion! !

can choose when new meters can also choose a relatively heavy, a right to Be Singh Michael, so I chose the new meters, we have the new meters to say. I choose the new 贵族宝贝 meters short small, easy to remember, the target site name more clearly

3. server &

4.CMS program

finally waited half a month -0- I record down, it is torture! Fortunately, is very happy, because the plan is being carried out smoothly with

Then I talk about

I have a movie station, of course, as in the past to support Marx, the 07 year old has been support now, too, so I want to also don’t want to go to download and install to the server. Marx because of me too familiar with it, with all these years is very handy to

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