n the face of the fierce network competition how to do the success of the Shanghai Dragon

1, the content of the website

in the face of the fierce competition on the Internet, to bring enormous flow to the website, the website keyword in the search engine page is the hard truth. You want the front row site in the search engine, bring a lot of traffic, we all want to learn Shanghai dragon, can make their own website optimization. How to be a successful search engine optimization? Some people think Shanghai dragon is very profound. In fact, Shanghai Dragon said simple is very simple, the following simple talk about some basic methods of Shanghai dragon, as long as you take the application, I believe that you can do:

Chen Tiannong: please keep the original

link popularity is considered a major factor in search engine optimization. The search engine will think the importance of external links to more sites is relatively high. Not all links are fair, will give the site more points from the high quality website chain. Link text must contain the keyword optimization, it will also enhance the site’s ranking.


search engine optimization can do the following:

3, Links

search engine optimization is a great knowledge, experience and patience need days and months multiplying, continue to adhere to, go on step by step, I believe there will be their harvest.

we send the chain is the main blog and forum signature two types. The weight of the blog forum than high, but the yield of blog is more difficult, so we can send more forums, choose some high weight forum article (with signature or site). Have a large number of the chain can make the site more weight, but also can cause engine spider climb to the station, to guide the site.

if you want to own site in the search engine ranking front, then your website must have a lot of practical only readable articles, because of the nature of the search engine is to search for the community service, the hope can from the search results to find the best, the most readable content. So many webmaster do stand optimization every day to write some high quality articles, can be said that love is the blood sucking spider "vampire", daily update high quality original can bring fresh blood to their website, attract spider,. There is plenty of content in the web page, the page at all and there are plenty of content to the search engine index is a successful search engine optimization strategy basic needs. It is easy to understand, why not what a web content is difficult to row up. When people find information, always want to find a lot of important information including website. Naturally, the web content rich website web content than those who are not so rich website ranking is much better. So if you want to do SEO, remember to update your site every day. Whether the search engine or visitors are expected to see new information.

2, outside the chain

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