How to do the analysis of the present situation of the new site to take over

2: see site in Baidu and noble baby’s content included.

" website analysis from my personal experience, for a just took over the site, must do the analysis of the present situation of the website. For a web site, and you may take over is a "pure" stand, and may be over, people have been "ruined" but not optimization good standing. As for the different stations, how should we judge how well the present situation analysis. Handan Shanghai Longfeng stationmaster to share a little bit of experience, for if it is a "pure" station, you are lucky, basically is not what problem, you can see the chain site in Baidu and the content of nobility baby collected, website snapshot, website, here the main said if there is over someone has been optimized but the effect is not good, suggestions from the following aspects to consider:

for a new station must do the analysis of the current situation, if it is found that the site has a problem, must be carefully considered, especially for a professional like Handan Shanghai dragon in Shanghai Longfeng > Website Optimization

4: Site: domain name. This a bit more important, such as: Site:www.***.net if no page on the first page, this station is likely to exist, this time you need to be careful, whether the site is K off, whether it is right to drop. Well if that is the station analysis cannot take over, or is a benefit without harm.

: see the website snapshot. Look at the current site snapshot update status.

: the watch chain website. This is important, at the time of the chain to help detect through Yahoo tools, see the website have to hang black chain, have taken over the means of cheating.

5: how the quality of the content. How to look at the content of the article’s originality, whether readability, whether the user friendly.

Shanghai dragon "

website optimization pre analysis, for the novice just took over a new sites just how to do? For such a problem, I read a lot of information from the website, are more general, is a vague concept of A. Today I have a little time to write this article. I hope there is some help for new sites took up the Shanghai dragon er. In the webmaster also have a period of time, for how to do over a new station, there are a lot of people constantly consulting, I go online on the nobility baby Baidu about it, the answer is vague ready to accept either course. A left, not a flick. If you take over a new site, how would you engage in optimization? Is to do? Look at this information and engaged in Shanghai Longfeng experience, should be divided into two aspects: one is the analysis of the present situation of the site itself; two is the site optimization analysis, specific planning conditions. Today we mainly talk about how to do the analysis of the status quo of the new site to take over.

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