Six principles of URL design should follow the website optimization

, a URL

two, to avoid too many parameters

keyword in URL, can improve the correlation of the page, but also can contribute a little fraction in the ranking. Through the analysis, is a good keyword generally appear in the domain name, if the domain name failed to contain the keyword, so we can through the classification level to include key words in the name, although the effect is small, but still have certain effect. But don’t appear keyword accumulation suspicion.

The word

is a directory hierarchy classification and a website is closely related to the site, if too much URL classification, then the site directory level also rise more. After analysis, love love Shanghai is still relatively less hierarchical directory page, the website that in three levels within enough, not too much, otherwise it is not conducive to the search engine spiders to crawl, thus affecting the content of the web site included.

five, the letter should be lowercase

a lot of people here may ask the search engine casesensitive? Although the search engine area insens remains to be verified, but if we do, I still suggest that you are unified as lowercase, the user also looked comfortable browsing, and when users need to manually enter the URL and not easy to make a mistake.

now many sites are dynamic, serious webmaster friends may find more URL inside a lot of dynamic parameters, included, this URL is not conducive to the user experience and website content the author suggests that the parameters must be guaranteed in 2 to 3. If you can use the URL static, suggest using staticize.

four, URL contains the

UEO I believe we are not unfamiliar, Chinese means user experience. Now many sites focus on user experience, after all we do is to serve the users, so we in the website design and optimization should also consider the user experience. User experience range is very wide, here mainly from the perspective of the user experience of URL website design, simple said, URL should be clear and friendly, easy to remember. So how should we go to the URL design in the construction site? Here by the author about the eight principles of URL design.


URL words, we generally use the hyphen (-) to separate, do not use other symbol to separate. We will often write the title of the website.

Six, the use of


three, the directory hierarchy as little as possible


for example, if you see a very long URL, your first impression is what? Similarly, our users facing lengthy URL address, will certainly produce boredom, even may be directly closed off our website. So, our URL more concise, and short URL, is also relatively easy to spread and copy.

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