Shanghai Longfeng analysis problems of several key rival site

then we have to cut to the chase, what to do, what to do, where to do, Shanghai Longfeng something intangible, make tangible capital:

website, how to promote, I am a headache, everybody is the same. Then talk about Shanghai Longfeng, whether we are just beginning to learn, understand, or already in the actual operation, regardless of our own website do products, and other people’s website is not the same or similar, will encounter many problems. When I first started learning in the production site, friends told me to do keywords products must be carefully chosen, those who can not find the other sites have been used or have very good ranking, then it is very difficult.

we need to pay attention to is the web site keywords appear many times, the title is not simple, or a lot of keyword list. Since the site is done, it can not only skin without meat, the website should have good content, is also the focus of the title and content is never separated, the lack of which will not work. We struggle to find a good title, but the content and the title is a little also not detached, the search engine will be regarded as cheating. Many predecessors have told us that if a website search engine if it is considered cheating, so don’t want to rank, certainly will not have. After so many years of accumulation, now the search engine is very.

website, it is to do business the company is the same, we all know that the peer is the enemy, the peer is very strong competitors, is our best source of power, allows us to learn more knowledge. So if we want to do the promotion to the website, the website, do first, then we must be very careful to do the analysis and Research on the competition website, we will do some unnecessary expense, to make fewer mistakes, do more good. We need to study deeply the rival site, see how they are doing, what have good optimization method, reference to its site in.

how to do it, the title is the key, a web site of the main core, optimization is the key to the title, everyone should know that the title not only is very conducive to the search engine, more good to attract more people, just like a beauty. Long very beautiful, other people will be interested in her, only to want to know her. The title of the site is the same, a lot of Shanghai Longfeng teacher told us to find a good title for our website, you can have a multiplier effect. I like the pop pioneer website, do is dress, dress collocation skill, like fashion, so we’ll see the website is how to do, how do they choose to study, specifically how to write the title.

in the heartShanghai dragon How to improve the

1. website: website title and content of

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