Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis target identify the direction to develop Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon

site of the Shanghai dragon diagnosis is a branch of Shanghai dragon service, before no special mention, but in fact already exist, such as the Shanghai dragon consultants to advise them will make the website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis for staff’s professional knowledge reserve requirements is very high, the overall site in Shanghai Phoenix data analysis requirement is very high. Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis of the purpose of the website is to provide better and more efficient website of Shanghai dragon direction and strategy, to help improve the overall effect of the website optimization, increase website traffic, and Shanghai dragon in the diagnosis of most need to do is to find the problem, only to solve some details we do not regulate the operation, to help the site to improve the quality and flow.

A5 station network of Shanghai dragon team analyzed these do not regulate the operation time, found a lot of problems because it is not carried out in accordance with the "love Shanghai based search engine optimization guide" or "Google webmaster guidelines" requirements for basic knowledge is not accurate enough, it is easy to go back to the wrong detour. On the way, they will go astray, so it is particularly important to identify the direction of Shanghai dragon.


To grasp the direction of

for example, we all hope most of your pages indexed by search engines, but how to improve it? A friend said to a friend said the original, pseudo original can also, some friends talk about a bit further said the need to improve the site weight, some more outside the chain guide the spider crawling, all of these is to view but it is very vague, point of view, actually if you carefully check the "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide" about included some suggestions you will find good included will be very simple: 1, let the web page code machine readable: it is to maximize the use of the search engine spiders can read the language, like JS, flash, Ajax pictures and other content, use less, if you have to do with the text to comment. 2, build a good structure: love Shanghai suggested that we adopt a flat structure, make important content more easily by the search engines to crawl.

3, standard URL: simple and easy to follow, only the basic rules, use cannot be automatic identification system for URL part of the character.

do the above three parts, basically included in the site for a good solution, if we are not in accordance with the operation of the site may be included that would be a problem, the main direction is not mastered, and Shanghai dragon diagnosis these basic theory based on the knowledge of viewing sites is that many aspects of design, structure and the details of the URL is not ready, then targeted adjustment. Of course, some sites also have these aspects are good but there are still included not good reason, it should be fully analysis website LOG log search engines crawl the web to find out the root cause of action, the website included suck in the data terminal.

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