The electronic commerce website of Shanghai Longfeng promotion strategy

page: in the long tail keywords.

as B2C e-commerce website, page one level and two level corresponding to the product category respectively is the channel page and column page, page content and set the keywords related degree is high, such as the distribution and specification of URL, the weight of the page will be quite good, so the general channel page, column page fixed keywords and core keyword rankings are more forward, real Kung Fu is the final and home page. Keywords Pan Long tail keywords and eventually home page is usually more in line with the user search is the user thinking, most search keywords, so the website optimization will focus in the two part of the page, the bottom of the tower and spire two together.

B2C electronic commerce website in the analysis of location words, mainly consider the following aspects:


site navigation clear and reasonable, the choice of the code reduction strategies


home page theory not assigned keywords, but by some brands, the keywords industry.

channel page: according to core keywords.


: for a fixed column page keywords.

project page: for popular keywords.

B2C e-commerce website in early, not a lot of money for the premise of armed multi ad promotion, looking for a kind of low cost, quick, lasting effect of website promotion method: search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) is undoubtedly the best choice. For e-commerce sites, in the development process of formulation optimization strategy is particularly important, at the same time, Shanghai dragon is a comprehensive, long-term project, all departments need to work together to carry out the whole process, accompanied by the website operation. Here I come to share some of the electronic commerce website of Shanghai Longfeng promotion strategy, we hope to help.

and Qi

Is there a name or alias

6. scattered search words Many a little make a mickle. often become the dominant search engine, from traffic.

5. core keywords, such as extended names, brand name, specifications and other modifiers.

3. is used to search the customer brand name or common name.

B2C e-commerce website is different from the station, the value of its optimization page is in reverse order, namely the final page of > page > column page > channel > home page. So in accordance with the following principles keywords distribution.

1. jargon and specialized vocabulary.

methodAnalysis and positioning strategy of

Step / Trend

2. search customers is to find products or to find solutions to problems or literature.

4. with the same product.

reverse sequence optimization and spire tower bottom two strategies of

clear and reasonable.

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