The title of Title special symbols separated keywords to optimize effect

recently found a problem, a friend asked me the special symbol set in the title of the Title, what is the impact on the optimization of special symbols? Common are: |, _, [], "" I "" "" "-" ":" "(initial) {}.

the following specific analysis of the impact of a few special symbols most commonly used to separate keywords and meaning.

said all the delimiters that are most common, should the number of short lines "|", we can see two authoritative stationmaster net title, as shown below, respectively is A5 and Chinaz station network home station Title, we can see that the two sites are invariably used in Title the "|", and shows the importance of this symbol. At the same time the author.

, the use of Title [] "," English comma separating keyword

five, the use of Title [] "|" short line separating keyword

in daily life we encounter is divided into two kinds, one is a Chinese type, another is a type of English. The two commas look the same, but the effect in writing when the Title is very different. The English comma in the Title tag as a delimiter, and in Chinese type in Title comma separated not only have meaning, if we Title tag is a long sentence, which use a comma Chinese type, may be in order to emphasize this one of the words in a sentence, lost several words separated effect.

four, the use of Title [] "_" separates the underlined words

we do Shanghai dragon Er write soft words to use spaces appears to be not strange, when we write soft Wen will it as delimiters, but we write in the Title is not using this punctuation. The reason is that spaces are generally used to separate between words or letters English, so that spaces are generally used in the English site, Chinese site Title is generally not used.

we found that many of the site’s Title will use this punctuation. Many Shanghai dragon Er sees it as a delimiter, indeed this can be used as a separator, the punctuation did have the effect of the separator, but to the author’s point of view, compared to the English site, Chinese site will use a bit less, relatively speaking this symbol is more conducive to the English station the optimization and user friendly experience.

three, the use of Title [hyphen] "-" separated keywords


a hyphen, many sites have used the underscore "_" Title as keywords separator, and usually we use the link underline is site brand keywords.

two, the use of Title [] "spaces" delimited keywords

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