The site diagnosis a half step improvement step flow

404 pages, the surface is a small detail is not worth mentioning, but to enhance the user experience of a very important link, the user enters the wrong address or website problems a good time to give the user a guide, while not wasting user clicks, greatly reduce your website jump out rate.

talked about Shanghai Longfeng, we first think elements must be keywords, the chain, included, these are major elements. The site diagnosis is microscopic, mistakes and defects, short board subtle, is the real concern of diagnosis. The author believes that the following three factors is small, can be a reference for self diagnosis.

2013 era to win the search conference · Hangzhou Railway Station official website: 贵族宝贝hz.timev贵族宝贝

search engine spider crawling in the robots.txt file, if it is found that "the contents of a large number of repetitive nature, this not what good effect on the site, but also greatly influence the running speed of the website. The robots.txt file is written, the appropriate shielding part of a repetitive nature of web content or the high similarity of web content, but also can shield the server stored in those video files and image files,.

these details, in fact a lot of Shanghai dragon ER may notice, but whether there are other you have never done, I never thought, or to know the details of the master? On April 2012 12-13 to win the era of search for Congress · Hangzhou Railway Station invited Chen Chao and founder of Netconcepts Chinese Borner marketing CEO canal into two Shanghai dragon master at the meeting site, site to site diagnosis. In addition, the Hangzhou Railway Station search assembly also invited Yu Bao have great originality network CEO Xu Weijian and Taobao founder of the college training book Hui Hui book site for the Taobao store diagnosis, is an open up a fresh outlook salon for Taobao seller.



gives you the pictures from a descriptive name, such as search · era to win the conference; the Hangzhou Railway Station pictures, then it should have properties such as s-hangzhou.jpg causative description file name, and not just the causative 123456.jpg this kind of code. In the picture the alternative text into the intermediary keyword, ALT local processing, is very beneficial to the search engines crawl.

1, named

2, robots.txt file


either the whole network or Taobao, the website is to enhance the diagnosis of a mature website optimization. For a mature website, saw a small step at the tournament, Shanghai dragon on the improvement, traffic may be a big rise in the flow out time, on-site diagnosis, master of the rare, not to be missed.

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