Three steps of the construction work of the chain

imperceptibly, I haven’t been done outside the chain work, now work more towards the promotion, but the chain is a familiar stranger feeling for me, did not send outside the chain of the body will not rise after the keyword ranking heartfelt joy, also can not understand the outside chain work boring, monotonous and repetitive movements by the helpless, boring.


many people now say that the Shanghai dragon optimization pay more attention to the content, experience, and the role of the chain is very small, I do not want to discuss the value chain of this problem, I would like to note that as long as the Shanghai dragon exists, the chain is indispensable, it is an entrance, a door, no link regardless of your content, how valuable user experience how perfect, others can not see you, your site is not the meaning of existence.


chain is a very simple task, a novice has a lot of people conflict, even contempt. In fact the hair of the chain and the chain is not a grade, and the chain is what I think the chain construction work system, the following is a little experience for me send the chain:

actually I just started to do the chain is from the most simple, blogs and forums, blog is regularly updated, then, is to keep updated, the weights of the blog promotion, will have the effect of the chain; the forum outside the chain resources or a lot, the key is to spend time looking for, this resource accumulation, the effect is faster, but the short cycle is not stable, by the title of all the chain of this forum is gone, so the forum resources need to be constantly looking for, the magnitude of the accumulation can meet the quality breakthrough.

, looking for resources

outside the chain not what clever means, can only follow the prescribed order do, the fight is the execution. Why not say the chain forms of soft Wen, I feel soft outside the chain of relatively high threshold, and little soft can take the anchor text link, although the soft chain effect is the best, of course, the chain of friends as much as possible to enhance their writing ability, just a hair of the chain work, writing ability is your ability.

chain is actually what, in which the issue of what is the content, and the content in which hair is the best correlation; resources, resource is now the most blogs and forums, and some slightly higher weight of classified information website and e-commerce sites, is also a good choice, now, bookmarks favorites and directory seems to have few people do, in fact, the directory effect is good (done), more important is the chain of various forms can increase the chain widely degree, extensive degree to promote the weight also is very helpful; finally say know, library and Wikipedia, mainly in love Shanghai products, the best encyclopedia effect, love is more conducive to Shanghai know the long tail word ranking, the effect of the library is not considered a good person, Shanghai library as sex. Do you bean.

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