The new station inside and outside of the building is the hard truth

2, breadcrumb navigation

site outside the chain construction has an important line in website optimization area, but for a new sites, site outside the chain construction

website ranking, website included, this is a lot of things in a headache, but also reflects the value of a Shanghai dragon, whether it is business or industry station station, there are a lot of new sites established in the early time, others copy and paste the content on the website, a large collection of articles, the chain can do every day more than 200, forum, blog, classification of information network, continue to send spam sites, continue to delete, finally leading to the website is right, included drop, ranking drop. Suggest the webmaster in the early establishment of the website, the internal optimization and the chain set up must be careful to do, can let the site through the study period, on track to continue.

, a website internal structure optimization


is now a lot of sites take breadcrumbs, one is to improve the user experience, allowing users to easily find the path, the two is to let the search engine access to your site, breadcrumb navigation can help visitors know where they are, and can take a visit to the higher level page, correlation and breadcrumb navigation increase the content, improve the keyword density. The following is the international wine merchants, we can see the bread crumbs navigation:

1, do not repeat the title change

We all know that

a lot of websites in the following article details page with the view, or on the next article, in fact, this is nothing more than the correlation between the increase of the content on the website, webmaster search engine search engine perspective, very much hope that the content of each website is closely around the theme of your site. So to care for the better, the search engine is love.


two, the chain construction site to step

Title website is the most important part of the web site optimization, after some Adsense on the site on the line, that title is not good, is modified, modified after feeling and not good, repeated modifications, in fact, impact on the site is still very large, like a recent international wine merchants website, you modify the title lead included drop, drop, but now update the original article, the high quality of the website chain, the website will also get better.

must not be careless, the chain construction is a gradual process, the chain we can analyze the competitor’s website, some measures should be taken to the construction of high quality site outside the chain, from the soft, Links, quiz, forum signatures to start, as long as adhere to the gradual, your site will not be punished that will be getting more and more.

The correlation between How to promote the early establishment of new

3 and the content of the website

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