The stationmaster learned from love Shanghai index change keywords optimization direction

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can also be opened shop in some classification information platform, such as people network, 58 city and so on, all have opened shop function, the platform weight and ranking are good, as you shop keywords on these platforms and even the >

is the first to find the relevant industry website, leave your website information above, or directly on top of Taobao customers to promote the more about the clothing industry website, also can be in the B2B keyword promotion platform, also can know in love Shanghai, classified information website, information dissemination, the chain and so on, this time you release information may not enough attention, but when it comes to spring and summer, the keyword search volume up, your information exposure will be much higher, at the same time, your site’s ranking will be much higher

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to take a shortcut this keyword optimization, also need to pay attention to a point that is characteristic, this kind of keywords are generally the changes of yin and Yang of seasonal fruits such as clothing, etc. according to the keywords of seasonal variation, and for some keywords professional nature, such as webmaster nets, Shanghai dragon, slimming products and so on key words, generally speaking, change of love Shanghai index is more stable! There are some keywords combined with popular events, often love Shanghai index will be dramatically enlarged, these words either love Shanghai index did not change significantly, love Shanghai or severe vibration index, the relative reference will be the weak point of


when the site began to identify the core keywords, will carefully analyze love Shanghai index, once determined, rarely patronize Shanghai love index, in fact, love Shanghai index can bring a lot of useful information to us, especially the change of the love of Shanghai index, often can get optimization keywords the direction for us, so that you can help us in love when Shanghai index is low, we focus on optimization, which helps us spend less energy, let the words be highly ranked

then find some can open online platform, will directly link transfer website shop to your Taobao guest website, even if their Taobao guest website ranking in Shanghai love home, you can use these business platform shop, to turn more traffic, the business in Internet Global trade, business network, these platforms love Shanghai weights are relatively high, once these platforms successfully registered online, as long as the keywords set more reasonable, so in these platform shop, tend to get higher ranking


I once had a summer Taobao guest website, keywords ranking is summer dress, the keywords in the winter, love Shanghai index is very low, so I began in the winter for their Taobao off site to conduct a comprehensive optimization, in a very short time, their Taobao guest the website lined up to love Shanghai! Here I come to share my practice

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