The solution homepage is 45 days after the recovery of K

301 code screenshot, this code is placed in the.Htaccess file

analysis of website home page is the K reason, began a specific adjustment:

The The original

update is very few, in order to attract the spider to find the original. Mainly from the superstar electronic books. Try to find some time away, a bit like the book, generally will not be copied to the internet. Updated daily trouble, the general site will have a timed release function, one can release more content, set a good time. The chain is the core of the ranking, but for the high quality of the chain is more and more difficult, this is not what special said, I was stupid, looking for people to exchange links, the article in the blog platform, submit directory etc..

log analysis. In order to better understand the situation of the spider activities, download the log.

from the log, I stand too unattractive to the spider.

spider love fresh content

www home page to resume, log everything: now query 47 times a day, compared to the station but not worth mentioning, compared with the previous good

use the site command to view the website and found that in addition to take snapshots, www home page is not found, the other can also included, and most of the recent snapshot. That is the presence of recent spider.

currently contains a normal.

website in mid December 2011 with WWW site by K home page, in the home by K before the ranking fluctuations, problems early very anxious, very confused. In the forum, QQ group and friends exchange, for the website home page is K what advice have, some say simply for a station. Because before some input, so adjust the clue, began to restore.   recommend a professional website learning website optimization study network www.xuanxue贵族宝贝, the content is very good, learning network marketing, website promotion students must not miss.

there is a mistake, do not use the 301 query tool. No query, always do not worry, worry no effect will not be because of the wrong code. This tool, we can search for the next.


analysis of the chain. Because the start station location is normal station, so it is attention when selecting link neighbors, analyzed the D-Link station, basically normal. But also keep my link

first made 301 adjustments: a little twists and turns in the middle, I just put on a week, worried to see the effect on the withdrawal. After a netizen said it reminded, at least a month or more, so do later, they patiently wait for the.

web site was in effect 45 days after the adjustment The I

the first analysis of the web page is the reason: K

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