Analysis of Shanghai beat the United States why love directed 90 female mobile phone user groups

don’t think love Shanghai beauty shot only for women, beauty community is always male compatriots often go to places, as can be imagined love Shanghai beauty shoot every day must N many male compatriots visit, which also led the majority of the male population of mobile phone users, marketing or promotion has been very awesome with beautiful women effect, especially when your most users are male when. For the majority of grass root men are afraid to fall in love with hold live, the film features the sea beauty is sound, color, which means that users can not only enjoy the beauty of the picture, but also with the beauty of their chat, real two words seems not Langdexuming, imagine the love of Shanghai is likely to become the best platform for the United States took 90 to make friends. Indoorsman will soon join in. But now the application software should be improved, later may be similar to the QQ community friends, is only a mobile phone version of the community platform to make friends.


second: 90 women can drive the majority of male users of

: third points for the 90 mobile phone user groups to develop mobile phone application software

love love Shanghai Shanghai launched the United States took over a period of time, Wikipedia’s explanation is to create a real beauty community, I do not love to play the self, just know this thing until now, the mobile Internet is a major trend in the future, with the advent of 3G era, mobile phone access to the Internet more and more fast. The future of the mobile Internet market will be the major Internet Co of the battlefield, of course as a domestic search giant love Shanghai certainly will not give up this big cake, it is a good time to enter the mobile Internet market, Shanghai love beauty shot is a kind of application of social sharing, such as the social sharing, social marketing is fire, love Shanghai this is a visionary to see, so anyway, I think love Shanghai why 90 female beauty shot at mobile phone user groups. Why choose such a group? All kinds of mobile phone applications for users to clear, good user experience is the fundamental survival.

can look at the side of the case, if you are 90 could easily feel, but I do not belong to this group, usually pay attention to those who love to play smart, love the Internet using a mobile phone. This part of the crowd to 90 mainly, especially after 90 groups of women, a lot of self loving, love the self timer photo in QQ space. Love the sea to enter the mobile Internet market, the first step is to consider certain user groups and the psychological needs, love the sea beauty shot just to meet the self interested 90 MM who can put their photos to share out, let more people see or comment on the beauty of the heart, the person all has. So in love with the sea to beat the United States launched into the apple App Store social networking applications list the top 4 mobile phone application era seems to have come, to do all kinds of mobile phone application according to the needs of users, the development trend of a trend which cannot be halted.

first point: 90 women accounted for a large proportion of the population of mobile phone users

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