From the Shanghai star symbol of love about improving the user experience

the above analysis is standing in an analysis of Shanghai dragon Er point of view, if often focus on Internet development and careful people will find that in fact this love of Shanghai is the SMO social media optimization popular (Senior Medical Officer), that is through some kind of social communication, the use of social media resources: network community, forum and other social sites (such as: QQ, happy net, renren贵族宝贝, Sina, micro-blog, etc.) will be dynamic preferences to share the social networking and social media to flow more, a set of methods and access to public communication effect of efficient, rapid and extensive the. In 2011 the integration of the Internet is the theme of "open", with the Tencent, Sina, everyone is a series of large-scale website open platform is put into operation, so that a closer link between the Internet, as the domestic Internet big brother also wanted to share, but not just as simple piece, the development of the Internet is quite rapid, if a >


I think, love Shanghai will kill two birds with one stone effect, can improve the user experience first, then can be effective against the Shanghai dragon. When you love a certain search results can be collected it, if you later want to search will not be so hard to find, provide browsing records for the login account users love Shanghai, Windows comes with more user-friendly favorites.

Shanghai dragon of love Shanghai is of considerable concern, because the love of Shanghai is Shanghai dragon Er Yisifumu, love Shanghai sneezes are so many Shanghai dragon er a cold sweat, love Shanghai recently made a small change, when the user login account number after the fall in love with the sea in search. The search results add a star behind the love Shanghai button. Well, not much gossip said above.


also said why can be effective against the Shanghai Phoenix, first love Shanghai default display first bid, then that collection, and finally the natural ranking. Of course, if a search without bidding, then the preferred display is the collection, regardless of your website optimization again good, in the home ranked first, but also over the customer’s own collection; there is love in Shanghai according to the data collection of customer website ranking, when the same type of website, when users of large numbers, so love Shanghai can default to the website user experience is good, users love things then give the best ranking, of course after a goal was only my guess.

when the star lit after the collection to his love of Shanghai favorites among the user after browsing. When the user search results to a collection, the second time to search the first show is the user before collection of default. Figure:

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