How to optimize the grassroots webmaster Shanghai dragon mark

The emergence of a large number of

every webmaster want to pass a long road of the promotion, to restore justice, create a better future. In this long pass through the road, the key grassroots webmaster can be smoothly pass through the lies in the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng guan.

, a Shanghai dragon optimization cannot interpret out of context. Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a hardcore character based on the search engine rules out of the website promotion trump. There is a high technology content and coherence, as a grassroots webmaster, technology is weak, we therefore study in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, must first learn the theoretical knowledge of the system, and then in the actual application process of digestion and absorption, not a hammer East West a wooden stick, this BBS see a stick, a method the site, he thought that she would, than suit start optimization. If so, it is not called the Shanghai dragon optimization, it is bet at your own website, sooner or later will be K. I do in the liberty rebate network early promotion, the situation is this. Until the new sites not see ‘multiple chain "and" new promotion chain The more, the better.’ two post, just cause my Panghuang and reflection, also thanks to the optimization of Shanghai dragon master Zhang Bo’s advice, I began to calm down and learn from the new Shanghai dragon optimization. This is what I want to say, new Shanghai dragon optimization can never be a post about society to analyze the problem of dialectic and systematic, cannot afford to make mistakes interpret out of context.

three, Shanghai dragon optimization most avoid cheating. Shanghai Longfeng optimization in addition to replace the code of some technical, in our eyes are nothing more than the grassroots post, outside the chain of these boring and tedious work, no good execution is not enough. A part of the webmaster is not only want to stand well, and do not have the patience to perform, how to do it? It is hard to beat them, just now on the Internet will be able to download a collection.

two, Shanghai dragon optimization do not have the order reversed. We do stand ultimate goal is what? We must have a clear mind, is not the only search engine in order to get approval so simple, the ultimate goal of course is our target population. Therefore, Shanghai Longfeng optimization although important, but it does not determine the future of our website, at best, a perfect role on our site, not timely assistance. If you order the Shanghai dragon optimization and ignore the basic construction site content. The result is quite serious, whether you Shanghai Longfeng optimization do much good, at most is also just flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum who could not escape! The fate of K.

webmaster Wangzhuan, popularity and from station technology continues to mature. The number of Web sites in a straight up. However, links to spread the difficult, a lot of grassroots webmaster not do a website optimization is Shanghai dragon indulge in self-admiration, improper ruined web site in the future. So exactly how to grassroots Adsense through Shanghai Longfeng optimization mark that? Below I combine I do let liberty rebate network lessons and grassroots webmaster friends discuss together, hoping to help friends.

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