Link to buy Tucao learn to tell

hasn’t released a Shanghai dragon article, not only because of the recent focus on the optimization of Shanghai dragon, SEM and other methods to promote learning, this article also wrote quite a period of time, was written last year a company operating out of Shanghai dragon, also hope to be able to Shanghai Longfeng novice give a piece of advice.

3. site outbound links in a large number of edge station. This is the most I have another Speechless, and also the basic links in each purchase of inevitable, easy to ignore is of course a lot of people to buy the link. I am looking for paid links, export each site chain have similar gaming, lottery and other types of edge station, if there is such a site is not recommended to buy, there are two reasons that "Shanghai Dragon Art" in that "the quality of the link link around" the importance of quality (see "Shanghai Dragon Art" page 105th), my station also after similar lessons; and this station link to the existence of a large number of edge edge station, this station is very easy to be punished, and the associated >

1. website right down. This point cannot be needless to say, the site is down right K (home no ranking phenomenon), which is the most basic principle.

we all know, since Scindapsus algorithm, love Shanghai for the purchase of links particularly hard hit, but for a website, buy links is generally unavoidable, especially for the electricity supplier website, the purchase link is almost a routine, so recently in order to improve the site keywords ranking, the purchase link is also a the method of link building. Of course, in order to avoid Scindapsus algorithm punishment, buy links must strictly control the quality, and in the search for resources, I contact the purchase of the chain website will have some problems, it summarizes some believe, can do some basic reference for the purchase link.

2. site outbound links too much. In fact, this problem before the exchange links have been mentioned in this paper, but put forward, outbound links too much is likely to result in the punishment of Scindapsus algorithm, in the process of my purchase link, on the website of the requirements are derived link cannot be more than 40.

into the company for a period of time, the optimization for internal site has been a part of, and some need to optimize some changes is relatively large, need the support of the Ministry, temporarily because time is temporarily unable to change, so the station optimization has now come to an end, has now begun to strengthen the construction of the chain website the comparison for conventional links have developed the relevant planning, such as chain exchange, news chain (not yet implemented), blog, forum, classified information, B2B, directory navigation station has been done related requirements and planning (of course, because the cost of personnel, the implementation of temporary support issues, efforts are not large, but have already started slowly in the implementation), the chain of this type is more conventional chain, here do not talk about, it will focus on the purchase of the chain Answer.

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