A5 optimization team case website URL structure planning report

URL is an important factor affecting the love of Shanghai included, the common URL divided into 3 types: the first dynamic link, second: third pseudo static, static link, the removal of the first, the other two are more conducive to search engine crawling and ranking. The three, there is a common need for diagnosis, URL link length:

optimization, most sites will be 301 redirect to the top-level domain name domain name directed to the world wide web with "www", to "

three: URL

URL: a character length

general site consists of three parts: the home page, channel page, content page, so URL format is the root directory, the directory channel statistics, and content pages. This is the most suitable for the link structure of search engine to crawl. However, others will be: "root directory, channel directory, sub channel directory, directory, date of contents" of course this is just an example, but also such as:

webmaster, your website why not included? Content quality is high enough, the chain is also very powerful, but why some links not included? The A5 optimization team (贵族宝贝 zhenduan贵族宝贝 / Shanghai dragon) He Wei Jiang announced in this

two: URL structure depth


"贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/xt/guochanju/10436/2022.html" it is clear that the URL depth is 4, but the problem has cropped up, so the depth, the user clicks on a page, basically have to climb 4 directory. In the view of the search engine, basically will think: website to deceive users click. Of course, things are not absolute, generally speaking if these links can display on the home page, the search engine will be a good many, if not in the home show in general: level two or up to three levels of depth, depth, and four depth we will not consider, many owners are not aware of it so, the website weight is low.

directional errorShanghai dragon

above, is a diagnostic case A5 optimization team itself, Google PR value is 6, even if the love of Shanghai also has a higher weight, third party data show that "love Shanghai weight" is 5, although is not authoritative, but overall still can see a good weight. But it is such a site on the home page has a link was not included. Why? In fact, according to the statistical analysis of many aspects, the length of URL will affect the search engine’s index. So we always recommend, webmaster website optimization to streamline the URL length, to ensure a good collection of search engines. A5 optimization team: website URL link length to keep within 70 English characters.

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