Five points on the site should be professional

: the first professional appearance, special website.

third: focus on content, >

with the development of the times, the network is irreversible. Now many people do not know how to do the site. What kind of. Just blindly pursue ranking and profit. This will only make the site very early will die out, and not the long-term develop. Then put in the website of the cost will cause a loss. In the end still left with nothing whatsoever, The loss outweighs the gain. So, when we do the site, try to focus on a professional field, can more and more good. The following is my website to professional advice.

a website, the user first see is the appearance of the site. The appearance will determine whether the user is willing to enter the website, so we have to spend more thought to design the appearance of snacks. So how do we create a perfect appearance? What kind of appearance to impress users, so as to attract more users to the site to stay for a while. The page layout must be concise, generous, clear, and the best use of a white background. Because the more concentrated white line of sight, can also be easier to text. In column design, the door must be divided into categories, each kind of stuff in a frame, each category can not be too far away, there must be a certain distance. If you do not find a good template, can play the power of the network, take a little ask others to help you design. When doing column design, but also think about a problem: how to avoid the frequent changes of this column? Will affect the future development of the site, so to spend more time on this before, at some sites, whether we can find a good model. Words reflect the professional appearance of the site must be designed two, otherwise not many people to visit the site.

different industries have different directions, different industries have different positioning methods. Because of this point is not clear, so we must find a direction, can not be of two minds, different. For example: when we dig wells, if some places to dig a little bit to give up, so we will not dig what. Only continue to dig a place, will soon be able to find something. So we need to accurately find a good direction, can the professional development. Then we should be how to locate? And can find a professional direction. First of all, in this type of website, is the direction, the direction is right. According to the development of this field, and what kind of trend. Then go down the line to go, to get a professional direction. But when we limit the development, must learn to another to move forward, or in another way to skip this limit. Finally, this type of website industry constantly focus on what the new development of information, to quickly capture, not to be missed. A small lever, sometimes can rotate the earth.

second: professional positioning, break through the limit.

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