Every day the chain really have the effect

there is a focus on the need to emphasize, the content mainly reflects the role of the post in the website, play the role of outside chain time is fast, but from the long-term value, content is higher than that of the role of the role of the chain, a new site, even if the content is doing well, the short term is not ranked the rapid increase, and if a new site outside the chain do very well, ranking immediately, but from the long-term value, we should pay more attention to the content, rather than the chain. To explain why, effect of the chain will not disappear, as a webmaster said, the Internet itself is composed of numerous links, lost links, does not exist in the Internet, every website domain name, between each article access, are URL to guide the outside the role of the chain will never disappear, but the role of the chain may be adjusted.

return to the point, this is the chain of the topic, or to start from the discussion group, several users have been holding a position, and launched a fierce discussion and everyone, they feel that the chain has lost its effect, now the Shanghai dragon is the content, publicity and promotion, the chain the value can be ignored, but things really want to do so, the chain is also useful to you, and what is the role of the chain, I talk about my own views. First I want to deny just point of view, I think the chain still has a role, but can play a much bigger role, compared to individual estimates and content, should be a balanced position, not the proportion of a lot of difference.

how suddenly mentioned Shanghai Longfeng tutorial question, you may feel a little awkward, this is because there are a lot of users in the group discussion recently, that is to buy a certain Shanghai dragon tutorial, want to buy a certain Shanghai dragon artifact, I poured a lot of cold water to everyone in the group, also suffered some attacks, today is to clarify yourself, is to give everyone a warning, in fact, the so-called Shanghai dragon tutorials are similar, not what course like so magical legend, all Shanghai dragon tutorial is just a legend, the most basic knowledge have not mastered, see what course are useless, we still see the love Shanghai optimization guide, what are more realistic than.

there is no doubt that the role of the chain is to improve the site weight and ranking, as more high quality.

some people may find that recently I speak some basic knowledge, Shanghai dragon actually, Shanghai dragon is the cumulative basic knowledge, no matter how mysterious moves, many flowers shelves are fooled users, that is not practical, remember the first time I contact Shanghai Longfeng, spent three hundred ocean bought the so-called Shanghai dragon tutorial, is from a small blog to buy, then what all don’t understand, I heard Shanghai dragon can make money what all not want to buy, now look at this tutorial, feel very funny, a lot of things about the tutorial are fundamental to the "flicker", seemingly very to help Shanghai Longfeng, is actually a purely flicker, no actual value.

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