Head of the gospel how to use website tools to stop doing


for the 2 point, there are two views of my personal.

first, website revision upgrade tool is required for webmaster, especially beginners webmaster should go to love Shanghai platform tool, after submission of the website URL, through their own, in order to make this a series of operations. As for how to submit, here is not to mention, do not understand the webmaster can love Shanghai Webmaster Platform there are detailed steps. At the same time to replace the domain name here >

for these rules, I believe we must be understand. But how to make better use of these rules to make their stand to do better, should consider the issue is the webmaster. I can give you the next tips here.

two: personal views ?

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform 2013-05-21 released the website upgrade version of this tool on the line, perhaps for many webmaster stability may be a smoke bomb, but often for revision or need revision of website structure for the stationmaster is the gospel, in fact, for this new revision upgrade tools do not many people take time to care about but I want to say, maybe you now as a senior or new webmaster, you don’t need to make some plans for the future development of the website? Or in other words, in Shanghai Longfeng Road, you have to find a long-term foothold in this industry for their own way, this is what we need to consider. So I personally think that, regardless of the site now need revision, we all need to learn to understand this revision upgrade tool.

supports URL on the new website, this is undoubtedly a good news for Shanghai dragon, because in the face of stationmaster to replace the domain name at the same time, more favorable consideration is how to better, and spend less time to do the chain. It also solves a problem often upset.

The following

personal view:

the next step is how to use these updated revision tools

: a personal recommendation

see what we should upgrade, which is good for us to pay attention to the revision of the

for before the revision of the website, webmasters may clear, there are still many inconvenient places, such as domain name change at the same time, a large number of links to the directory level is not jump, it can’t jump to the new domain name on the link, this is a distressing thing that is expressed before doing things may be in vain. But this new revision tools can be replaced in the domain name at the same time, can also be a link directory level jump, compared with the previous tools is not a level upgrade, the revision of the webmaster, is undoubtedly a huge surprise, why do you say, many webmaster all know, in the revision of the website the domain name at the same time, may face a chain before the loss, this is undoubtedly a huge project for the webmaster.

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