How do the new ranking website drop right after

site right down to second days: do love Shanghai

site is down right or pull hair, but no matter where on the one hand to be right down and pulled the hair is because the site itself caused by unreasonable, so you want to handle is right down the site, so the first step is a full range of cleaning up the site, the wrong way all cleaned out, but the most important is to look at the full range of cleanup sites three points: a look at the website content is not associated with this station, if there is no association then you choose to delete; two is to look at the web site Links associated with this station, if the link is to exchange links or other right etc. then, immediately clean up deleted; the three is the chain site remediation, check the dead links link, if not properly removed immediately.

site right down to third days: the correct continuation of life

website down right after the first two days, but third days later as a webmaster should calmly, using optimization techniques to save the right site, continuation of the life of the website. We should choose the white hat Shanghai dragon, to give up the black hat Shanghai dragon, love Shanghai offensive is not regular cheating, for some correct and legitimate way to optimize the site of Shanghai love even if we do not recognize or more love, in fact there are typical local sites, travel sites, in fact these are initially by the right the Shanghai Dragon up website, now love Shanghai on the site some old place have given a good ranking, we can see from the right of the white hat Shanghai dragon, only through the right to make our website optimization of continuity of life, even if no formal means can effectively, but it can only be sustained a week or even shorter time.

Cause there are a lot of

site is down right do not know some explanation to why we love Shanghai, the site is down right, right down after the webmaster and has taken the right measures, all of these can explain to the love of Shanghai, especially with the love of Shanghai more and more open, now has established several complaints that platform, after the site once down right or pull hair, I will give a detailed description of the complaints and love Shanghai love Shanghai snapshots in 60% when the site after renovation will be as long as love of spiders in Shanghai savings grab, to give reasonable ranking web site in a week’s time.

site right down the first day: comprehensive clean-up site

website optimizationMay also master not Jingxiaxinlai work The After a lot of

once the website right down, the impact on the site is relatively large, because many owners have abandoned the site right down to the site of the rankings, and the webmaster face once the site right down to give up has been down the right site, I see is this part of the webmaster new website and again. After the site down right should not be abandoned immediately, and we should make a new website ranking in drop right after, this is a website should do.

site is down right.

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