5 improve website tips reduce the rate of jump out of clay


reduce the rate of jump out

3, focus on the page layout and layout


can reduce the website bounce rate, but also can increase the content of the page relevance, also helps to improve the keywords ranking.

such as the "3 year old baby food supplement, food production must not be simple points, we can make through multiple dimensions, according to nutrition porridge, fruit series, dietitian packages. Users see this article do not even look at other articles.

recently gave the mother industry site of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, with a lot of experience, health, health care, maternal and some other special content, many of the basic content is fixed, it is difficult to write a lot of original content within a short period of time, so that treatment of

website viscosity to some extent represents the content of the website quality, professional vocabulary, our goal is to reduce the website bounce rate, increase the residence time of the web page. Users come to our website, we use professional knowledge to retain users at the same time, let users love your site, the most appropriate vocabulary to linger.

recently to help customers operate on behalf of WeChat public number, then hit the WeChat article layout skills, such as: text with 16px, pitch 1.75 and so on some matters needing attention, so our operation is to make the article in addition to text, but also allows users to enjoy.

The ?

can see how we operate:

to make web content more professional



no matter from the long-term development of the site, or to see the boss of the data report, residence time and website bounce rate every webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng personnel need to pay attention to, so how to improve the website stickiness reduce website jump out rate

we have to "3 year old baby food supplement as an example, in addition to providing professional food presentation, we will recommend users" supplementary food production notes "," 0-4 years old baby food supplement "," child nutrition and other issues ", is completely around the content of this article defined.

2, the



believes the tangled this point is not a few, we can stand in the user’s point of view, the user wants to see what kind of content, must be professional, comprehensive and detailed, it is best to have a map with the truth! Based on this point, I give the editorial staff training requirements, all of their users want to see what you will be finishing, what kind of content, a knowledge point, there may be more than one dimension dispersion.

we often recommend some webmaster do within the chain, if you do not know how to add the chain within the chain, or add the number of appropriate, then we will do the related article.

In addition

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