Arsene a case study of Shanghai dragon new station to their website

about the new optimization problems often encountered, and is also a Sam into misunderstanding people through this blog online for more than a month, summarize about new optimization during the most easy to encounter problems, I think this is a very good example for new friends. In fact, when new sites, often because of excessive optimization and love lead to Shanghai assessment period, for Google is not too demanding for the new station. Sam today and we summarize, new optimization excessive growth site assessment period, which led to the excessive optimization assessment period growth? Listen to Sam come one by one.

contacted the Shanghai dragon friends will hear this sentence: "content is king, the chain for emperor", for the old station, this sentence is not wrong. But for the new station, Sen believes that only: "content is king" and not what the so-called "the chain for the emperor". If you are in the new stage of development, will be like Sam blog, extend the love Shanghai assessment period, the snapshot not update the article every day, even if it is original, even if there is reading high, love Shanghai even if included, will not release your article. And even if the collection of articles, this page weight is very low, low to low to what extent? You love Shanghai. The contents inside, and even the match, not search to your web page, you in addition to the search path, the content will be very difficult to find, this is why this? Just because you think: "the chain for emperor", go around the link, and the link quality no matter, are all very low weight. To love Shanghai backlinks to increase faster, it also fierce. For a new station in Shanghai, and you think that love can not judge it the speed of the chain? Chain fraction is calculated to see what a place to share this website, so calculating the weights, and the new online, why do people want to share your site? Let him appear in various forums, blog, classification of information network? It is man-made, rare in this search engine can not judge? For the understanding of Shanghai dragon people, the chain for the emperor is considered to be very important, so the crazy hair the chain. For new sites, do not recommend so fierce, or certainly will be right down. Sam in "advice" provided a novice has said, novice friends can go and see.

2, the site is not included, so the revision of the

if you crazy hair the chain, will become the ghosts love Shanghai Sen, 1140 backlinks, snapshot stay is 4-15, make you very tangled.

1, "content is king" and not "the chain for emperor"

just do many new friends, will be like Arsene, in a hurry, so the new station is directly put under good source directly to the space, now I have not thought anyway, the hair of the chain, the spider must not climb to me, never mind. Then upload a template for others, to change the copyright, the contents of change. Think everything is OK, and then began to send the chain, the spider. Well, this time to a problem. Suddenly.

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