A detailed explanation of how to make the system run speed let slimming

how to improve the operation efficiency of the system, that is a problem every webmaster heart. For the WP system, in addition to optimization strategy of architecture, for the use of some plugins or middleware can also play the desired effect, below I combined with the experience in actual combat system that can be applied under several strategies.

now many webmaster cost considerations will choose to build a Mysql database or the third party key environment to run the WP database, the advantage of this strategy obviously, cheap and affordable, sometimes there will be problems of access delay, but in a certain scale of concurrency situation is acceptable. But for some traffic is relatively large and relatively strict requirements for the access time of friends, not just to save this part of the funds and damage the interests of users, after all, not every webmaster have the ability to deal with emergencies, considering the recommendations you use RDS to run the site database, in addition to the price may be more expensive. Is still relatively affordable and easy to use, once the site has encountered a problem, you can switch to achieve the second level service, flexible ability of ideal.

use RDS

for the attachment of the storage, believe that most people still take the support of the ECS cloud Panlai solution, after doing so to save money, the performance requirement of the website is not too big, very suitable for novice white. But this way there is a big problem, is in high access conditions, there will be downtime and other issues, seriously affect the user experience, it is recommended that you can use the OSS to store the corresponding accessories, the price difference is not much, but a lot of advantages, the first is the basic need for maintenance, for white friends friendly, also supports multi-user resource isolation, cross regional support replication, disaster recovery mechanism, which can effectively solve the problem of site data processing ability, the application process is still quite good, and very large file attachments recommended company to use this tool to storage site.

relies on OSS storage corresponding to annex

when everyone is used in the ECS database or use its cloud disk, there is one thing we must not forget that there is a single point of ECS risk in the use process, if not well controlled, there will be downtime and other issues, so in addition to the above two methods, we recommend the use of SLB+ECS this model, the effective expansion for the site, so that in the event of failure, the system will automatically flow can transfer to the normal operation of the server, keep ordering service support, as far as possible not to affect the process of user access, and keep the session effect. The method is good, but not suitable for small and medium-sized station, because the overall configuration of a certain degree of difficulty, but is not flexible enough, white shoes may not endure, and the input and output are weak in certain circumstances, it is worth us to consider the actual situation.

using SLB expansion

database operation site

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