A5 diagnosis of Shanghai dragon team online price marketing

second, profit maximization. This is the most desired price target, this is not to say that the highest price can obtain maximum profit, or buy up to get the maximum profit, there is a certain relation between them. This needs to go to the market research, analysis and pricing.

about the price we need to consider many aspects. First, the business is to survive in the fierce competition among enterprises, the opponent will make price war, this time the price of the target enterprise must make some adjustments, to ensure that the enterprise can survive, with puerile strategy to win the market, then consider something else.

the above situation in the industry is called the price or price marketing strategy, it is decided by the market, but no significant relationship with the price itself, following the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝/topic- Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon and Phoenix.Html) will come and we talk about internet marketing price means.

finally certain heart bearing pressure. Simply say "


we go on the Internet more will find a common phenomenon is that most commodity prices are higher than the market network in real life, low price, even the reality of the market, in different shopping malls take exactly the same product, brand, price, service and repair of these are the same, but the price is not the same. Even the same company production of different brands of products the price difference is great, but in fact from the product itself, the difference is not too large, many brands just to suit different consumer groups, and the appearance is different products, but it is indeed the same manufacturer of OEM production. Have seen, although the product itself is very small, but the price is really don’t. Take Foxconn, a lot of things Apple it is all processing, and other Samsung products are also in the Foxconn process, so our price is self-evident, which is a reason of the.

again, we need to consider what details in the pricing, cost, is every entrepreneur to think of the problem, the two is the market demand when the market demand can love a certain proportion of floating, but when the market we have to pile up in excess of requirement, guided by the market the timing, price adjustment, so that the goods sold. Three is the competitor’s price, with more and more rapid speed of information transmission, especially in the online price comparison, the value is too simple, as the saying goes, goods than three, then the price is like this, we set the price in time, also want to put another price into account, so as to do the enemy; and finally to establish a good brand image, with the continuous improvement of people’s material life, people in the choice of shopping also consider the brand problem, if you are a good reputation, good service, so under the same conditions, may have better prospects for sales.

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