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here I couldn’t help but again in different occasions stressed that the "financing tips": the early founders can not understand the valuation, but must pay attention to the proportion of equity financing for the first time released Jane help has been to see many give up 20%-60% shares than the headache, especially the case Company before A round of financing, the founder should as far as possible to the investor’s equity proportion control in about 10%. In this case, "Andrews" father Lubin’s mobile phone project is a good example, although the product has not been released, Sun Zhengyi was given a $1 billion valuation, but Sun Zhengyi even $100 million can only get about 10% of the company’s equity.

      five; of course, the network is far less profitable than you think, and there are many techniques that you need to master in your constant practice.




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      two, with home and access is not enough, the key problem is how to make money, plainly, that is, in the tens of thousands of advertisers choose reputable, suitable for you. Here are some suggestions for you in this respect.

     , first of all, you must have a personal homepage, then your homepage should have access to a fixed amount, if you do not have these 2 conditions, for you now, making money online is just fantasy, hastened to learn knowledge and skills of Homepage Making website publicity, many online learning materials here, without the detail.



intelligent mobile phone has become an intense competition in the industry, before Lubin’s mobile phone business projects in intelligent start selling products, specifically to get $1 billion before the release of the product of the valuation is indeed amazing. But we can not ignore that the founder is "Andrews father", in 2005 he will own entrepreneurial projects "Android" to shlf1314. It is easy to understand that Sun Zhengyi’s huge investments and stunning valuations are closely related to Lubin’s background.

      three; when you have applied for these ad accounts, you can begin to make money by placing your ad code in the relevant location of your home page in accordance with the appropriate operation.

map note: "safe father" Andy · Lubin Andy Rubin again in the smartphone business

      now the domestic Wangzhuan company roughly divided into the following several types:

      a MLM class company,

      two mail click class company

      the current global Internet advertising industry into the plight of making money online is becoming more and more difficult, but as long as the right way, or to earn some subsidies as free internet. Please read the following webmaster experience, I believe you will have some inspiration.

from the venture capital market trading habits, in finalizing the investment agreement at the end of the investment to abandon investment will damage a VC or investor reputation. Sun Zhengyi does not know the industry rules, but why would he do this? Insider, Sun Zhengyi tore up the $100 million investment plan in part because Sun Zhengyi and the Apple Corp "Andrews" father of Lubin’s friends between the increasingly close relationship between.

, according to media reports, the "security father" Andy · Lubin Andy Rubin smartphone start-up project in the drafting of formal financing documents at the end of the Softbank CEO Sun Zhengyi released dove. Allegedly, Sun Zhengyi and Lubin began to discuss investment matters from the autumn of 2016, the two sides have been on the basic structure of the transaction agreement and other matters, including the amount of financing and valuation and the project of intelligent mobile phone products launched by Softbank provide marketing support etc..

competition is the management’s LP, so the money good melt

Wangzhuan Alliance

 :     four. As long as you do your best, you can earn a certain amount of income. Don’t be misled by some of your advertisers’ false promises. This will only waste your time and energy. In addition to the current domestic advertisers is the basic personal agent of foreign illegal advertising, no credit is the basic part of the company, a good reputation, a part of the difference after the pay is too low, it is recommended not to waste any time in domestic advertisers, basically 99% is compulsory work.

      according to the operation mode class, can be summarized as the following three kinds:

, according to the Wall Street journal, Sun Zhengyi planned to invest $100 million in Lubin’s smartphone startup project, valuing the project at $1 billion. This project aims to produce high-end intelligent mobile phone, S series standard Samsung and Apple’s iPhone, but the mobile phone has not been officially released, originally planned to release in the spring of 2017, in time for the fall of 2017 Apple released the 10th anniversary anniversary edition iPhone.

; two directional advertising


      four surfing company

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