After graduation started my careerOnline shoe store Zappos FB platform by two months 85 thousand

2014, I graduated from school. With a better vision for the future, with the teacher for us to find a good job Niubi promise, set out to find a job, with the hope that the resume is out, but a no echo. Four years of hard study, but can not find a counterpart to receive us.


Zappos partners, a digital marketing professional service provider Kenshoo, released on the platform of Facebook during Zappos in November 20, 2012 to January 20, 2013 status update for website provides 85 thousand visits. Zappos’s Facebook page has nearly 420 thousand followers.

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business background easy to operate, there is an independent background distribution, order inquiries, order management, evaluation management, message management, everything is exhaustive.

technology news Lin Jingdong February 8th Beijing time news, according to foreign media reports, a partner in the United States the largest selling shoes online B2C website Zappos, Zappos on the platform of Facebook activities and achieved remarkable results, let the traffic and its trading volume increased sharply in 2 months.

, America’s biggest selling shoes online website B2C Zappos Tencent technology plan

at the same time, Kenshoo found that Zappos released a status update on Facebook, it can get 3.5% hits click-through rate and the conversion rate of 3.4%, each click can contribute $4.90 in revenue, which means that it is 34 times the rate of return on investment.

now the white-collar workers, students, Indoorsman to takeaway this industry in great demand, why can’t you put this one up, oneself when a small boss? So I spotted this takeaway Simba, simple and easy to operate the software, not on the origin of the Internet we still so easy I and friends! A detailed understanding of the system, the production team is a very reliable team. Simba takeaway is a network of their own team produced, safe and reliable, powerful, and conducive to SEO, continuous optimization and upgrading. You know, these are the bases for winning on the starting line. Second, there is a city protection system that becomes the only independent individual operator in its own city, and such customer groups are still strong.

in online searching, suddenly my eyes bright, I smiled.

in general, rate of each state update information Zappos released during that time was 1.75%, which means that Zappos status updates whenever 50 clicks will have a shopping on the web.

settlement method, I think entrepreneurs are most worried about this, right, this software supports online payment, cash on delivery. As long as negotiating with the merchant, everything is so easy.

in a single blow, I was in the infinite melancholy, the future of life, how should I do? All say that the older the more valuable, but I do not even want to receive a unit. I understand the concerns of those enterprises, but everyone is from the novice, and do not exercise, and how to become an old hand,

Eisenberg said he studied a retailer 30 retailers in the recent situation, the retailer is obtained from each click in the revenue of $0.55, per click the corresponding cost of $1.50.


mobile phone touch screen version, WeChat version, APP all have, you can grasp the needs of users.


a lot of people ask me now, I can only say, now just starting soon, a small record, though not rich and earn a lot of money, but the same period graduate students, is a very good start.

Kenshoo Zappos, released at the time of the 42% state updates eventually led to the transaction, in addition to the 58% transaction information failed to update the state, but also promote other activities such as "top", comments, sharing and growth.

software comes with data analysis, to help you analyze, quickly grasp the latest and most accurate operating trends.

put my book through

, however, Eisenberg warns that Zappos has a special kind of customer. "They have a lot of repeat customers and come back every few days," he said. Overstock, Amazon, Zappos have such customers."

in a waiting, disappointment again and again, I reluctantly opened the home squat model. A stroll on the net, a friend sent a group of Web site to me, or your own business that we forget it, said there are a lot of Internet for entrepreneurial projects, this is the future trend of the internet. I heard we are not learning half believe and half doubt, born of the Internet, how can this trend analysis? How can we operate the

system?When a group of

return on marketing investment expert Brian Eisenberg Bryan Eisenberg said, Zappos on the platform of Facebook activities and achieved remarkable results, because in general, the average conversion rate of Zappos in roughly 2% to 3%.

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