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, the 25 year old Wang Ruixu, came to Beijing second times in two weeks. In January 27th, Zhongnanhai, a conference room, under Premier Li Keqiang chaired the science and education and grassroots representatives of people’s forum. Compared with the other 9 delegates such as Fudan University President Xu Ningsheng, basketball star Yao Ming, actor Chen Daoming, big coffee, 90 students entrepreneurs on behalf of Wang Ruixu is very young, but he did not stage fright.

mobile Internet is a global revolution, led to changes in the economic structure, but also smooth borders, let more and more China innovation company stood under the world spotlight.

after the end of the interview, Wang Ruixu smiled and waved to the podium, one hour, the whole unscripted.

CEO was an Internet addiction teenager,

a reporter questioned his company "valuation really have one hundred million?" Wang Ruixu replied: "I now get ten million of the financing, the other 20% of the shares, then you can think the company is worth one hundred million."

I dark horse Yang Bocheng reported March 20th

February 7th, Wang Ruixu left 2 was successful in his alma mater’s speech, after the speech, Wang Ruixu was surrounded by music. Beijing News reporter Wujiang photo "may be in the course of our meal, there is a APP dead."."

as early as 2014, China had an early "sea going", many of them

broad overseas market for mobile Internet innovation companies, has a strong appeal.

, this is the founder of magic camera founder Huang Guangming at the beginning of the speech. Huang Guangming believes that many overseas opportunities, is a big blue ocean, it is necessary to go and see.

"from the perspective of the global mobile Internet development, at home and abroad market there has been a huge information gap, or a huge information asymmetry, this is a very big opportunity. To copy many of China’s technology, products, ideas, and even business models into overseas markets today is unlikely to be successful."

saw Wang Ruixu for the first time, in Shantou overseas Chinese middle school. In February 7th, Shantou was mild, 1 meters tall, 75 tall, wearing black rimmed glasses, wearing a gray sweater, and a light blue shirt inside. Many girls passing by whispered: "handsome!"".

the day before yesterday, cheetah Mobile released 2015 Q4 and full year earnings. 2015 fourth quarter, cheetah mobile revenue of 1 billion 133 million yuan, an increase of 92.3%. Among them, the cheetah mobile overseas revenue accounted for 50% of the total revenue, accounting for 75.7% of mobile income. Mobile terminal monthly active users of 635 million, 78.6% of mobile monthly active users from overseas markets.

qiaozhong is Wang Ruixu’s alma mater, an hour later, he will give nearly 1000 Shidishimei speech was "counter attack" experience in senior high school.

APUS desktop founder Li Tao also judged, compared to the domestic Internet Co so much the crush of the blood, overseas market opportunities, competition is also smaller.

as long as you have the ability, you must go to sea."

, a new era of big sail has arrived. China’s mobile applications are collectively sailing".

February 13th, the spring force gradually from Beijing, APP founder Wang Ruixu was part-time cat flew from Guangzhou to Beijing, in addition to discuss cooperation with enterprises, interviewed by the media, also specially to visit before hot cool game senior programmer Gu Ye, looking for more powerful technology support for the development of the company.

, first overseas, then china". Fu Sheng put forward the "Marginalization" strategy in 2013, "edge products + overseas market" cut into, bypassing the Chinese giants dispute, in a broad new horizons in the future.

, "a humble, grounded fighter," says Wang Ruixu’s signature in his personal WeChat account. The same is true of his entrepreneurial process. He has Chao Shan’s shrewd business acumen and has won more than 20 business competitions during his university career. In 2014, the university did not graduate, founded Guangzhou nine tail technology company, developed for college students looking for part-time APP "part-time cat"".

review: the birth of the mobile Internet is a global revolution, led to changes in the economic structure, but also smooth borders, let more and more China innovation company stood under the world spotlight.

now he is qiaozhong reds, not only because two weeks ago he joined Prime Minister Li Keqiang held a forum, but also because he is now a hot part-time cat founder APP.

, Tencent and sh419 and other giants in overseas has opened a world, cheetah, APUS and so on are not backward. There are many small and medium-sized Internet Co in China, although unknown, but has a "unfaithful to husband". Contrary to the original C2C Copy to China, a tidal wave is surging.

in the "sea" on the road, there are constantly new "Navigator" appeared. Such as cheetahs.

currently, the "part-time cat" has covered more than 60 cities nationwide, registered users about 1400000, valued at billions of dollars, successfully got three rounds of VC financing, up to a sum of up to 10 million yuan.

world is so big, I want to see

The birth of

speech, the media blocked Wang Ruixu. Dark skin, he was slightly thinner under the gun short cannon, but his speech was far more mature than his peers.

it is hard to imagine, in the overseas Chinese reading, Wang Ruixu’s expression and.

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