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baby flash website Zulily has just announced $85 million through the Anderson Horowitz Fund Andreessen Horowitz financing. This is Zulily’s fourth round of financing, the company’s current valuation has reached $1 billion.

, Zhu Mingyue travel go 1000 interviews in the Chongqing Huaihua railway, the evening also does not forget to write a blog. One day he had a whim: can you get creative ideas, such virtual things, to sell online? But not computer learning Zhu Mingyue, web design is nothing to know. "Holding the mood to try, I sent a post on the Internet, a reward 50>

A year after the

"at present, more than 7 million 500 thousand people have been active in the" eight quit "network, and the number of registered people has been increasing every day with 6000 people." Yesterday, the founder of the pig network Zhu Mingyue pointed to the company’s huge LCD screen, told reporters. On the screen is a map, every few seconds from all over the world pop-up task list, a wide range of content, for the baby named, there are resume design, there are collection of brand promotion ideas.

"we believe that this is in the early stages of the retail revolution, and inefficient entities are giving way to more efficient, innovative web companies." "Zulily is one of the fastest growing companies we have ever met," he said in his blog. What surprised us most was that they realized that achievement with so little money."

2004, the blog China founder Fang Xingdong "blog to subvert the traditional media" speech, Zhu Mingyue hooked up to his blog, nicknamed "the pig" registered the domain name zhubajie, the main record of every bit of news events.

pig is on the road: Zhu Mingyue’s journey to the west,

maternal and child flash purchase network Zulily financing 85 million valuation of $1 billion

"I know that after starting a business, we should manage our finances, manage our marketing, control our hearts, and deal with the smartest investors in the world. I might as well not be a reporter."." Recall the impulse to engage in the site, Zhu Mingyue temporarily a little regret.

also said that the success of Zulily has a lot to do with the expansion of new markets, including women’s jewelry and home furnishings. This also makes Zulily and Amazon and other traditional e-commerce giants formed a difference.


500 yuan starting

Cavens has served as an online jewelry retailer, Blue Nile marketing and technology high

Zulily offers flash purchase transactions with an average duration of 72 hours. Users receive the latest product mail every morning, with about 35 new products a day. The company sells goods including clothing, toys and children’s home products, with a discount of up to 70%.



143 SMS forwarding, they have a common name: witkey. "Pig eight quit" is the world’s largest Witkey website, its birthplace in Chongqing.

Zulily has recently broken through the 10 million mark. According to the Anderson Horowitz fund partner Geoff · Jordan Jeff Jordan revealed that creative entrepreneurial companies are shaking e-commerce companies and retailers status, and the prospect of Zulily is extraordinarily broad.

, since financing $43 million in August last year, Zulily has begun to self order, has also set up two delivery centers, and plans to expand the international market. Today, the company announced the launch of iPad applications. The latest investment makes Zulily’s total financing amount to $138 million, and the company will expand the platform size with the money.

the beginning of all entrepreneurial stories are the same, passion with bitterness. Zhu Mingyue is no exception.

Zulily CEO Daryl · card Darrell Cavens; Evans said: "Zulily is the focus of motherhood consumers. In less than 3 years, we’ve seen a significant increase in user loyalty and enthusiasm, which also motivates us to introduce more products every day. Most orders come from old users, and we must constantly surprise them and keep them happy. The new round of financing allows us to expand more quickly and continue to provide quality experiences for these busy mothers."

"Dovelet, I am from × × the × ×, received calls that he root you angry. Now he is very regretful, always blame, he already know is wrong, the days without you, he is very tough, forgive him!"

, this is an apology sms. In order to obtain the girlfriend Dovelet forgive, love is the root in the September 20th zhubajie "apology message" column published a task: to his girlfriend sent an apology message, 1 yuan 1, seeking forgiveness. The reporter saw, as of 25 screenshots show that there have been 143 from around the country to which the mobile phone SMS forwarding.

, however, the cumulative transaction amounted to 1 billion 160 million yuan of pig eight nets, but it was Zhu Mingyue 6 years ago to quit enviable Chongqing evening news chief reporter work, spent 500 yuan to build out.

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