Select the right ad alliance based on your site trafficStudents online see shop earn more than 6000

"my job is to hang on the Internet as soon as you have time, and introduce our products, prices, and then send the goods to the buyers."." Tusya told reporters, she accidentally discovered his hometown have a lot of small and medium enterprises or family workshops, they produce a towel, bath towel, tea, handmade flower and other products actually are of good quality, the price is cheap, is to find the market, especially since the financial crisis, some enterprises want to reduce labor costs, then dismissed some of the sales staff, want to learn a big enterprise that the Internet to find a market in the world. However, although some small bosses will do business, but do not understand the network, but also do not understand english. However, tusya was delighted, "I will get to the Internet, also understand English, just to meet the boss needs, so the first job was at hand, for a towel production enterprises in the" online store "."

advertising alliance is actually a lot of, in addition to shlf1314 Adsense, sh419 Union, Ali mother, nine wins the first video ads, alliance, and Asian friends, Bo to network, network, Feedsky Deborah flying delivery, results of net and so on. Some of them can not be called "advertising alliance", and the other is "deceptive" insert Trojan horse in the advertising code, abhorrent to

so, think through the first video alliance to earn points silver flowers and think of 1000 shows there are 8 yuan RMB need to pay attention to the webmaster, please carefully analyzing their own site, if the site traffic is small, and the user did not stay long, also is abolished as soon as possible using a first video idea.

launch experiment continuously, now the conclusion is: Ali mother most suitable for the vast number of small and medium-sized webmaster and blog webmaster, on the shlf1314 Adsense and the first video is suitable for large site traffic, network advertisement effect Feedsky general and a half may seize the opportunity if the topic of marketing or good delivery, sh419 advertising alliance and nine wins is not suitable for station and blogs, other advertising effect is more general.

newspaper news reporter Yu Haibo now is the students around, looking for a job but tusya but don’t try so hard, because she had found a small and medium-sized enterprise for small boss "shop" part-time work on the Internet, and foreigners with their own good English knowledge and online communication to do foreign trade business sometimes, you can earn 6000 yuan a month.

I participated in the or less!

here needs to be particularly stressed that the first video release price is 8 yuan /1000 times show, in fact, there are some problems that need clarification. If in accordance with the simple understanding, a flow of thousands of blog site at least one day can also pass the first video revenue tens of dollars — that’s not so! Take this station every day, IP is more than one thousand, then the number of display naturally thousands — according to 8 yuan /1000 display standard one day, should at least income more than ten yuan? It is really disappointing, but the data is only the data of 20%

Jay used his knowledge of electronic commerce, the first is to do a business "for a small business, and then linked to the Alibaba website, looking for buyers, waiting for consultation, and then introduces the products, quotation, negotiation to the buyer, the last is the delivery. You said, because her boss did not make foreign trade business, so from the Internet to communicate with customers in English online, and for customers to send samples for import and export quota numberofcompanies, and finally to the Find logistics companies delivery, this set of work requires her to do, and she has been through the network colleagues slowly learned to help. More than 5 months have passed, and now she has helped the boss to do business, the United States, Britain, Canada and other countries, completed about 2000000 yuan of orders, and she also has a lot of income every month. Tusya told reporters that she has been around a lot of students in the job, we not only make money, but also learn how to communicate with foreigners, how to get the business, there is a set of trade process, after not anxious to find a job.

why? May find reason is that the "1000 show" refers to the advertising content reached a certain time in the data, for example, the user opens a page 1PV, but a few seconds to open closed, then the first video shows the actual effect is zero. By comparison, the first video every day gains even as Ali mother and shlf1314 – Adsense is far more! In fact only 1 revenue reached 100 yuan 2 will pay the first screen advertising position must be in the page. Well, this effect is pretty bad.

!After the

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