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The reason why

recently, while talking to some WeChat based mobile entrepreneurs about their projects, everyone has expressed concern, anxiety, and even anger about the future.

tornado – Express, thunder,


this sudden cold spell, so many originally based on WeChat’s third party development team in mind a shock. Pit father? This is not his own mouth? A lot of originally eager, even confident people began to silence, and even complain about the full. Also, there is such a powerful Tencent "national team" approach, and we all do the same thing, there are other people play room? So this is no longer actively and even slightly gray mood for the entire ecosystem brought a strange atmosphere, they spread in different stages, different people in different locations, and no people can avoid.

caifutong – Alipay

An example of

why does WeChat do this? It could be the first time anyone has any questions. But I was not surprised when I saw the news, but I felt it was normal. The reason is that because of WeChat’s hot, it may have made many people forget the original face of Tencent. In 2012 August, before WeChat launched the public platform for this product, the Tencent brand attributes, the most should be the word "Shanzhai"". Let’s review Tencent’s Shanzhai Road:

, I think, the search engine optimization problems most often occurs in the induction of sorted out, for those who want to achieve a higher ranking in the search results as a reference, is absolutely necessary. I made 5 mistakes in the most common search engine optimization and the corresponding solutions in the following, it is also the site of several designers most likely to make major mistakes, is the so-called "close difference".One of the

solution:Optimization on the homepage of the

should be limited to a maximum of three important keywords. If your keyword is too popular, in order to improve the competitiveness of the most you can only focus on one to two keyword optimization. On the home page, the title, META tags should be optimized around up to three of the most important keywords. Like ABAKUS’s homepage index page, is around the’Internet Marketing ‘,’ Web promotion to optimize the phrase "and" search engine optimization "these three words, has received very good results.

should be around three of the most important in the home page and is the most appropriate keywords are optimized, and remember the best keywords not more than 3. If the words belong to a very hot field, then you can only focus on one or two keywords to optimize. But if your business is a kind of "market" aimed at the opportunity so you can also choose not to exceed 4 to 5 keywords to optimize. Make sure your web page title length of not more than 7 words between 30 to 40 letters. In the body of the page should be at least on key words repeated more than three times. Don’t forget to each page of the search engine.

is the most obvious: in late November last year, has been claimed to do business, do not touch the revenue, and has suspended test water and electricity for a year WeChat quietly on the line of the WeChat "specials", and has a growing trend, and at the same time, a lot of people actually have discovered that the original WeChat settled "specials channel operations team is not others, it is the Tencent’s own electricity supplier website fast and easy network". In December 5, 2013, Yi Xun network news release, officially launched the "easy fast +" strategy will be preceded by the mall fast and easy responsible for the operation of the WeChat "specials" upgraded to "WeChat store", in this connection, the WeChat Prelude involved in the field of electricity providers officially opened. At the same time, not only is the electricity supplier kicked off, but also involves mobile payments, site services, WeChat operations and other fields.

speed car – kart

battle platform – gallant battle platform

Tencent pat — Taobao

game hall – Lianzhong


team voice -UC

has this mood is that WeChat’s recent development seems to be out of hand with Zhang Xiaolong, the vice president of WeChat and the father of.

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