Some tips for clicking on the stationSome opinions and experiences about sh419 advertising alliance


1, put the number of single page advertising, I think only once, put more advertising revenue increases, but the number of advertising, display number is doubled, but the advertising price becomes several times less, so overall or reduced income, it is proposed that a single page is best not to more than 3 sh419 Union advertising, of course you can put other ads, but must pay attention to the page or user experience, sh419 search engine will think your web content is the main advertising, user experience is especially poor, then you want a good search engine rankings that is very difficult take care of, so suggest the webmaster ad number, avoid the website development process encountered more nails or

2, pay attention to how to increase the number of clicks and conversions of advertisements. The first has a close relationship with your website content, website content must have a certain number, the site layout must be reasonable, the site’s theme must be clear, the quality of website content must be professional, only to ensure that these, you must click on the ad rate is high, why, because your website is more practical users in your site, get real benefits, then the user will become a frequent visitor to your site, for your site advertising is more interested in, for example, if you love a person, then you will be around the situation like this person, such as the people’s living habits, hobbies wait! The same reason, so that the above problems will give you website unexpected return on advertising revenue,

3, don’t let others click existing sh419 union advertising meaning or suspense on the website, so sh419 alliance tolerance is 0, will punish you, don’t click on their own website sh419 ads, but also can not let their friends and relatives to help click on ads on your site, or you the site is easy to be blocked, so you 6 years of experience The loss outweighs the gain., saw a lot of friends to tell their own bitter fruit, here to remind you, must do their own website, you can also imagine that you are advertisers, your ads are malicious clicks, wasting your money, get invalid in return, then you are willing to do, you certainly not happy, not happy then you still sh419 union advertising, certainly not, if not, then the sh419 alliance in which income In here, sh419 alliance does not have the advertisement owner’s cooperation, then cannot say that the stationmaster can receive the sh419 alliance advertisement expense, this is one kind of causal link, then you >

4, higher advertising scores. Existing click station ads, the highest score of 1 cents. Lower scores, more advertising can also choose.

2, low starting point of payment. Try to choose sites that pay lower standards. Personally think that the standard of payment is 1 yuan, 2 yuan of the best, at most not more than 10 yuan. Low standards, and soon can do to pay, one can arouse their confidence, two, if there is a sudden termination or other problems are not paid, and their waste of time is not much, the loss is not large. Just imagine, if a station can do 100 yuan to pay, when you do 99 yuan, suddenly said that you can not pay, and that is not very tragic. Now there are individual click stations, when the establishment, I did not expect so many people to participate in, to pay more than expected, can not afford to pay, simply stopped, after a period of time to open.

5, fixed number of ads for the best. Every day the site can click on the number of fixed advertising, and its scores are generally fixed. Will not leak phenomenon, and such sites, click on time belong to loose type. You can prioritize these sites.


3, click time is relaxed. The existing "click" station is divided into two cases on the "click" time. One is the first day after clicking on the ad, and then, after 12 p. m., you can click again. In other words, you can click any time in second days. The second is the first day after clicking on the ad, it must be 24 hours before clicking. If you click at 12 noon today, you won’t be able to reach it by 12 tomorrow. For example, today you click at 11 p.m., then you won’t be able to click by 11 tomorrow night, and if you don’t have time to meet at 11 p.m., you won’t be clicking on that day. So try to choose time loose site.


above is the click of the station to do some of their own ideas, for reference only.

do click the station should pay attention to: 1, stability. Search online for information about the site, look at other people’s views, whether there is a phenomenon of "suddenly", "stop" or "stop", or change the click rules regularly. If there is such a phenomenon, resolutely abandon. Because people feel the inconstant in policy, the site did not last long, may do a few months in vain.

Hello, long time no write some articles, today is the day before the college entrance examination, think that year when the college entrance examination, my heart is still extremely nervous, time flies, the talk about some opinions and experiences of my sh419 advertising alliance! I hope to help you improve the website can better adapt to the society’s survival ability. Let everyone avoid detours! Today, talk about some of the sh419 advertising alliance views and experience it!

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