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I asked him, "what do you want to do?" he said. "I’m not sure. I just know my goal is not the way it is now.". I said, "did you try something else?" he said. "I think so, but I’m worried about losing my job and worried that the new job isn’t as good as it is now.". I said, "well, do you think you have a future in this job?" he said. "I don’t know.". So I’m very hesitant. I said: "you do not get rid of indecision, then you will be a lifetime of mediocrity.".

important tip:

investment amount and proportion: RMB 100 million yuan, accounting for 100% of the registered capital;

unsuccessful people, than successful people lack only one, that is, innovation and courage! I also like everyone, an ordinary college students. No steady job; living in shady, damp rented rooms. Dream of one day to rise head and shoulders above others, homecoming. In fact, they live without dreams, without passion, and toil for life. Find a lot of part-time jobs on the Internet, code, post, garbage station, click alliance. Two years later, I still have nothing. The worst thing is to be cheated by a friend, play the game, lose the mess, and at that time, it’s really hopeless, and I don’t have any confidence in life.

what am I most familiar with,

business scope: direct investment, investment management and consulting.

2 consideration of the board of directors


3 the approval process necessary for the entry into force of this investment

registration location: Shenzhen Qianhai Development Zone;


I think of a word, you fell from where the climb up! Where do I fall? S.s.c my mind, a moment like being struck by lightning, since black color platform so much, why don’t I do a black color evaluation website, let the game player can find a reputable I hurriedly platform? sh419, very good, the highest ranked competitor scanty, PR is only 1! I like to see a bright future, found a piece of.

board of directors and the directors to ensure that this announcement does not contain any false records, misleading statements or material omissions, and its contents bear the authenticity accuracy and completeness of individual and joint liability. Limited by Share Ltd on the establishment of Taiwan Investment Company Limited and foreign investment announcement

the fundamental reason why many people accomplish nothing in life is that they don’t know what they want to do. Once I met a friend who was complaining to me about his job and he came to me complaining. His goal in life is to find a satisfactory job and improve his life. The motive of his life is just to make his family live well.

1 basic situation of foreign investment

I was in bed for two days, a meal not eaten, the brain was awake, I repeatedly asked myself, why people can be successful, but I was always hovering on the brink of success, everything I have done repeatedly to reflect on their own, from the beginning to quit working stand long to do, garbage station, and finally to be K, to be s.s.c cheat, everything and film in an instant replay, I suddenly figured out why


the amount of foreign investment within the scope of approval of the company’s board of directors, without the approval of the general meeting of shareholders.

Company name:

Limited by Share Ltd hereinafter referred to as the "company" intends to cash 100 million yuan, the establishment of venture capital investment in Taiwan Co. Ltd. Shenzhen Qianhai Development Zone, the shareholding ratio of 100%. The foreign investment does not involve related party transactions.


: the company intends to money invested 100 million yuan, accounting for 100% of the registered capital of Taiwan Venture Capital Co. ltd..

securities code: 603000 securities abbreviation: People’s Web bulletin number: 2012-010

1. Overview of foreign investment

four, risk analysis of this foreign investment

the reason is very simple, I have been talking with someone else’s pace, whether it is from the beginning of the station, dream weaving system, to the later station software, I can only follow others blindly and way of thinking, there is no innovation, the result is often not in a network army in the quagmire of talent shows itself. Naturally can not earn money, since decided to re start, I must still find the most familiar with the industry.

sources of funds and investment methods: the company’s own funds, monetary funds in the form of investment;

The name

three, the impact of this foreign investment on the company

registered capital: 100 million yuan;

the purpose of this investment is to maintain competitive advantage through the capital operation of the establishment and main direction of investment is the culture media and the Internet field, the investment company can expand business channels, enhance the company’s future profitability.

The amount of investment and the proportion of

Jintai Investment Company Limited the company name has been approved;

October 26, 2012, the company convened the first session of the thirteenth meeting of the board of directors considered and adopted the "on the establishment of the Taiwan venture capital limited motion".

! !

investments: Taiwan Investment Company Limited the company name has been approved;

two, the basic circumstances of the investment target


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