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Tang Yan, hurry up, go up theory. The two old man had a few words, the other kicked over, his fist in his past. A few minutes feel boring, mouth Mamalielie also scattered. Tang Yan Rourou hand, wearing clothes a little thick, all right, it is the fist to hit a little uncomfortable joint.

unfamiliar street CEO Tang Rock last fight, at the end of 2013. One or two in the morning, cold days, he wrapped the jacket, trembling at the place in front of a taxi. Very not easy to wait until a xiecili come to kill a man to open the door.


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"Tang Yan is still growing up, and he’s going to be somebody. It may be another ten years to see.". Now he is still a teenager. Puberty is very long and the hormone is still secreted." This is the understanding of Tang rock more than ten years, from his small town of Hunan to Beijing old friend Huang Zhangjin evaluation. After listening, Tang Yan nodded. "Yes.". I feel the same way."

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"man, it’s normal."." Sitting in the spacious sky blue office, the thin and small, but with the temperament of Hunan shares be careless with the man in Loudi, down thinking for a few seconds "force is not meaningless, looked up a lot of high sound speed is also fast, a bit," he hit me, don’t I fight? That sick! The president he retired, was beaten to fight back."

dear publisher, Hello,

that was a group of brothers mixed society, old factory in Loudi mining area, geological team of children in a middle Tang Yan Gang, a group of people walking on the road are hula, squint, hand hook hook to go sideways, and came across the eyes on, immediately start confrontation. Knives, iron bars, axes, and even gunpowder, shotgun, are used to make. Qunjia is a homely food on his head, also over twenty or thirty sewing needles, now felt, scar.

from this point of view, the 35 year old mobile Internet upstart and 15 year old rebellious young boy is not much difference.

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is valued at more than $2 billion, the number of users more than one hundred million social APP Street Street founder and CEO, the site of the incident from the company on the street, he will not worry about being one of his four hundred or five hundred employees caught? "This is what we caught caught." He stuck his neck down.


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lead: more than 10 years ago, Tang Yan was a poor man who had fought for 10 bucks chestnut, and this spring he bought his wife a 400 thousand diamond ring. He said, "wealth has set me free."."

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twelve years ago, Hunan small rascal Tang Yan rushed Beijing alone. Twelve years later, he became a mobile Internet upstart, entrepreneurial star, the most popular social APP unfamiliar founder. He became rich and became lonely. Success set him free and restrained him. CEO Tang Yan said, in fact, he most wanted to do is a crash.

Tang Yan is still in puberty,



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