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Wang Jianguo: distinguished leaders and distinguished guests, good evening. Listen to the speech of director Gu, very enlightening, as an enterprise must be innovative. The topic of my speech is that under the guidance of Gu Dean, I will make a supplement from the angle of the enterprise. My topic is "go back to the basic level and make the enterprise"".

Wang Jianguo, chairman and President of

I have a very typical case here. We do business and we think we know the customer well, but in fact it is not. I have made a mistake, I was five star appliance micro-blog founder, during the Five Star appliance with best buy cooperation, the board of directors proposed to do a five star customer survey, the main content of the survey is "customer what.

financial news on July 27, 2012 -28, sponsored by the Qingdao Municipal People’s government and the "China entrepreneurs" magazine "2012 twelfth Chinese enterprises" future star "will be held in Qingdao in Shandong. The picture shows Wang Jianguo, chairman and President of the Five Star Holdings Limited micro-blog.

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan

, if you let the next definition of podcasting, what do you think? eldest brother, as detailed as possible
 ,  , podcast: voice voice, colored video Internet applications, and have the potential to be the next major profitable application of the Internet

Five Star Holdings Group Limited Chen Xin, Sina Finance,


2, when do you come into contact with podcasts? How do you feel at first?
    October 2005, the feeling is very good, especially the website provides many humorous and user creation of excellent video and TV programs, completely different feeling, fully appreciate the
    what is the feeling of power. All television that rigid and monotonous feeling, feeling very promising.

3, currently there are many podcasts, if you do not know, check for me, I don’t get the data of
  authority;   if only the calculation of video sharing or podcast website, now is on the number, the strength may survive in the future a year down the net station of not more than 30 not the calculation of P2P,
  webcast website;   broadcast and video sharing website is not the same site uusee, MySee, PPLive, ppstream etc., live webcast website website, just put the TV programs onto the Internet, and
  users;   compare the strength of the podcast website as follows:
    http: //s.568

first I want to talk about the so-called enlightenment, enlightenment is to have a good business ideas and business philosophy. "The king of children" has two business ideas and two concepts. I share it with you here, and share with Xu Weihong, the general manager of the "king of children". The first is from the management of goods to customers, which is a very important concept. Now the business, based on a lot of competition, based on the beat the competition, more important is based on value creation, how to identify customer needs, establish a good relationship with the customer, is that we do the fundamental business. Only by bringing value to target customers can we develop.

recently, we are very concerned about, but also a lot of people ask me, the electricity supplier recently played a very serious price war, especially in the field of home appliances, several electricity suppliers all price war. I’ve been in the appliance industry for decades, and they say, what do you think of this veteran?. We invested in a "King", this also won the "future star", they also asked the question, "said the king of the children" the future will not participate in price wars? On the first question, do not evaluate, because other companies have other business practices. The second question, "king of the child," whether there is a price war? I can answer in a positive way, "children Wang" to have a price advantage, but not mainly by price war. An enterprise should return to the basic level of the enterprise to do their own thing, there are three aspects to share with you: the first one is to enlightenment. To do business or to have good ideas, need to have good management ideas. The second aspect is taking the potential. The last level is the art of Ming dynasty. These three levels are the most basic things that should be controlled by an enterprise. Back to the basic level, the enterprise can do well. If we do not innovate, there is no way out, but if there is no basis, there is also a problem.

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