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How much

is also very important, two visits to the same type of different stations, the absolute income will not be the same, for example: pure literature station is the general entertainment station, the latter must earn more than the former, because the audience is too small, relatively small ads also face. it’s about advertising. so, if you’re going to make your website profitable, you have to consider type issues before you build it. If other hobby does not consider it’s different.

had a wealth of marketing experience to Yang Gang brought keen market tentacles, which is he never involved in the field of the Internet, the number of registered users can circle mom from 0 to do tens of millions of reasons.

entrepreneurial process will not be smooth sailing, for the difficulties encountered in the business, Yang Gang seems very indifferent: "it may be because of luck, the difficulties are indeed there, but has not encountered difficult times.". Many difficulties, think about the way will be passed."

finally says how much money you can make. If you have done all of the above, then 1000IP is about 300 or so per month. This is just a general website. If you cheat, you can earn about 500. There’s a higher one, of course.

, this should be considered in conjunction with the type of your station. Consider what kind of people your visitors are, and what kind of extra services most of them need. What ads do you make according to these decisions?. Example: if you are doing software download station, then you should put the host space, domain names and other advertising, SMS effect is not as good as the entertainment station. On the contrary, the host of the entertainment station will not be able to advertise this is not absolute, generally speaking.

recommends that you apply for GG advertising, although the dollar exchange rate has been lowered, but after all, compared to Ali mother to make a lot of money. Well done, one day website 5000IP, you can earn more than 1000 yuan a month. more than 1000 yuan is a very conservative number, advertising is the key to targeted advertising, and vertical advertising, more valuable.

regret it!

we use the advertising alliance, or we often say that a few, the thunder download alliance, GG, Ali mom.

now mother circle, team size has reached 300 people, product technology accounted for 1/3 of this, 1/3 operators, sales and logistics 1/3. The company has a mother network and 32 city network, mobile application Mom Mom circle, three main parts, a mobile terminal with dual side of the PC application, and the national key city complementary pattern. Mom circle on-line for a year, the amount of users has more than 10 million, become a national Mother touted female applications, but also by the user as "second parents"

2. site type

in the business, Yang Gang think the most important thing is to keep up with the trend, trend, the flow is the key to the success of entrepreneurship. Second, it’s in one direction. There are so many opportunities for the Internet that every niche opportunity can be achieved by a company that focuses on winning the competition. Mother is a good example, Yang Gang caught more and more segments of the Internet market, the mother network into a professional China mother portal, to exchange and dissemination of infant rearing knowledge share parenting tips and family life experience as the main objective. In 2013, mobile APP mom circle successfully on-line, mother network for its introduction of the initial high-quality seed users, but also the mother circle grew so fast one of the reasons.

Yang Gang is how the mother ring do together? What are the difficulties encountered in the entrepreneurial process? How does Yang Gang look at today’s business environment? What is the wise remark of an experienced person later entrepreneurs? It will according to the interview with Yang Gang for you to resolve.

3. ad quality

follow the trend, the flow

4. advertising focus

can make a website, this problem is the stationmaster that most still do not have profit wants to know. In the end how much money, hard to say. This is related to the amount of visits, the type of website, the quality of advertising, and the focus of advertising.

to space station, code station, will be eliminated after the site, there is no future development, the novel station everybody also don’t do, >


1. access

no matter what station, no amount of visits, nothing to think, not earn a point.

the most important thing, when choosing advertisers must pay attention to how much advertising costs in the second, the important thing is credibility. If you encounter fraud advertisers, commitment to high advertising costs, hard work for a month, in the end a penny can not get, then it is better to do good reputation, less money to earn it. Don’t do advertising, a lot of people are said to you as if it were raining flowers, must be vigilant, their credibility, with the money in the late

Yang Gang, chairman of Sheng Cheng company, has been engaged in the FMCG industry for more than ten years, one of the Wiley Group founder, founded and successful operation of the first Walch brand washing disinfection. 2006 investment mother network, in 2011 formally joined the mother network, Cheng Sheng company as chairman.

editor’s note: 2014 China Internet entrepreneur Conference zzsenz will be held at the Beijing International Conference Center in May 10th. On the eve of the Discuz in the general assembly, the United Tencent cloud! "Entrepreneurs" and many other agencies and media jointly launched 2014 venture star series of interviews, the industry’s elite business stories, business transfer and sharing of experiences to more entrepreneurs. A series of interviews with mom circle to listen to CEO Yang Gang’s entrepreneurial story.

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