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first of all, the Internet users choose the way to collect funds, which represents the acceptance of online payment methods. For a long time, one of the most important factors that puzzle the development of online shopping is the anxiety of ordinary Internet users about the security of online payment. Taobao fundraising is using Alipay payment platform, that is more than 1738 yuan of money is through the Alipay platform quickly trickle, Huicheng river". So many Internet users have completely put down the security concerns of online payment. Online payment is the basic guarantee of online shopping, and more and more people are confident and bold to use online payment, which clears the basic barriers to the development of online shopping.

secondly, the Internet users choose the way to collect funds, it also represents the construction of Taobao’s credibility system. From "the Beanstalk baby love project" to "Wenchuan earthquake donations", Taobao will be able to raise so much money, the formation of the gap with other sites, the key is the flow of funds based on Taobao.

Taobao, as the largest online shopping platform in our country, has been supporting the network of public welfare fund-raising activities. From the current trend of development, Taobao has become China’s largest network fundraising platform. Compared with other websites, Taobao has a unique advantage in launching online public donations. The common website is mainly the information flow in the Internet dissemination, but the Taobao takes the network shopping platform not only to carry the information stream, simultaneously carries the bigger capital flow. In accordance with the relevant data, Taobao in the first quarter of this year turnover exceeded 18 billion 800 million yuan, nearly close to WAL-MART’s 2007 annual turnover of 21 billion 300 million yuan in the Chinese market.

before the start, Li Min did a lot of research at home and abroad of the emerging media sites such as Business, Insider, TechCrunch and so on, "Huffington post", but mainly to study their way of information processing.

is not only a donation for the Wenchuan earthquake, but also a lot of online fund-raising activities before Taobao. It is also very popular and has raised a lot of money. As of 2006 Taobao launched a seller fell into the pot of boiling water in Zhaotong city of Yunnan Province, one and a half year old little girl within a week of collecting donations of more than 6 yuan; by friends as Chinese first large network of public welfare activities — "the Beanstalk baby love project" since May 2006 since the launch of Taobao, has raised more than 205 yuan.


Wen |CBN reporter Zhu Xiaokun

" Dangdang marginalized – in July 5th, when micro-blog and four portals speculation in Dangdang staff incidents and CEO Li Guoqing’s speech, the tiger sniffing network put the article on the front page. This is the usual practice on the line less than two months of small website: slobber War Reports Lei and Zhou Hongyi, it is "Zhou Hongyi and Lei" prequel; when the Tencent introduced the game "call of duty" OL, it issued a "Tencent" game is to succeed; it even analysis of the five Sina micro-blog’s difficulties. Competing for the second place, with depth as competitiveness – is more like a business magazine.

is a former "Chinese tiger sniffing the network of entrepreneurs" magazine executive editor Li Min resigned after the founding of the website, the name comes from the British poet Siegfried Sassoon said: "heart of the tiger sniffs the rose." "Selection, material, dry goods, useful details, insider" was her promotional language. For now, at least, the industry has responded well to the tiger sniffing web, which has been increasingly shared on micro-blog and social networking sites for its distinctive views.

so many Internet users through the Internet fundraising way to express the condolences to victims of the Wenchuan earthquake, a force for relief and reconstruction after the disaster of the contribution of their own, from also permeated with the China network shopping environment gradually mature.

, however, this will make tiger sniffing the competition between Internet information portals and offline traditional magazines simultaneously. Li Min felt that it seemed like a very competitive place to choose, but if the tiger sniffing network as a daily issue of the magazine, but in a small blue ocean. Before setting up tiger sniffing network, Li Min was in China Entrepreneur

it’s hard to do the news, and how do you get to the consulting industry?

Li Min doesn’t plan to imitate any website, nor does she intend to limit her gaze to a vertical reporting field like 36Kr or fan. Her interest is Pan business, focusing on all star companies. Therefore, the positioning of tiger sniffing network is the Internet media that provides views.

, who has just turned into Li Minrao from the traditional media, doesn’t have two topics: one is the change of traditional media, and the other is the rise of new media websites. Although he was involved in a micro interview with sina micro-blog on entrepreneurship, Li Min was not interested in the first topic, and she felt it was not time for her to start her own business. Second hot topic is in the media, new media websites emerge in an endless stream of segmentation and fragmentation, showing a trend in the Internet, such as domestic special technology news reported Lei Feng, with innovative entrepreneurship as the core of the 36Kr report and love fan children, these sites are getting a number of readers in a certain field. At the same time, to avoid the traditional media content competition.

May 12th, Sichuan, Wenchuan Richter 8 earthquake occurred, the one foundation to join hands, including Taobao, Alibaba, Tianya and Sohu and other sites for disaster relief funds to support earthquake relief. As of May 19th, 12, one fund to raise the network and personal contributions of 35 million 268 thousand and 500 yuan, of which Taobao reached 1738 yuan. In other words, the funds raised by Taobao account for nearly half of the net and personal contributions raised by the one fund. Not only that, Taobao’s temporary channel sold 1> 1 yuan, love fundraising has reached 2 million 670 thousand yuan.

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