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what I want for Wangzhuan?, whether the first and the most important one is the character of this work. I feel calm personality is most suitable for Wangzhuan, because in the beginning, Wangzhuan is a painful process. You have to face the confusion of templates again and again, again and again the site of the unsuccessful collection, ranking down. If your character gets you down, you’ll give up easily. It would be better not to start the work. Another character is also very important, it is. No matter when you in Wangzhuan is success or failure, have to decide quickly, is to continue this work for you, or to give up this job. I think it’s a waste of time to do something you don’t do. It’s a waste of time. You are not in direct proportion to your efforts and achievements.

second, in Wangzhuan before, is to have a master. The so-called cross line such as cross hill, if you do not understand the rules of this industry Wangzhuan the beginning, when you enter the field of money is very difficult, there are many people who don’t absence bitter rauker character, but could not find the way, eventually had to give up this Wangzhuan work. So it’s important to have a master at this time. Remember when I just enter the website of this industry, I was entering a station in the summer when the company hit some casual workers. I spent two months in the company, only 2000 yuan, but to tell the truth, know this a casual work in the company of my station plays a big role in this process, let me know how to build a website, a website maintained a website optimization, optimization of a net station. Such an experience for me after a person independent, to do their own website is very important. Some people say that now a lot of information on the Internet, do not have to find a master, I said, this view is very absurd. Because many of the information on the Internet, you do not know whether it is true or false, if you use the information on the way to use it, not wait for your station profit, you have to give up. Because the site’s promotion cycle is a long time. So it is important to find a reliable master when you are standing, and it is better to take a station for you, not to pay too much attention to it. Because what he teaches you is much more important than the reward.

, like all start-ups, Wanxing has suffered the throes of change. The strategy of developing new products continuously is "Wanxing in the sea"

recently saw a lot of people finally give up after building websites for a long time. The reason is to find that after a lot of time and effort, you find yourself getting something online. Instead, you waste a lot of experience and lose a lot of things. The last to write an article, that is my Wangzhuan experience. After leave my contact, then a lot of people Q me, ask me how wangzhuan. But I have found a big problem. Many people come here regardless of the method. They ask the same question. How much do you earn now?. Do not say this is a very privacy problem, you can ask in such a way that such a person is not a suitable person wangzhuan. You want to talk about what people for wangzhuan.


13 years ago, 25 year old Wu Taibing in order to let the home of the parents to see their baby through TV, "a strange combination of circumstances made a" photo can be burned to DVD small software. As he worked at Neusoft, 21CN and other enterprises’ code farming, how Wu Taibing had never thought that after two years of this small software in foreign site brought him about 1000000 yuan of income, he did not think 3 years after they formed a specialized for overseas market development and sales of general software for the individual consumer the user 000 technology company.


of course, now "overseas to earn foreigners money" of Chinese software or Internet companies have more than 10000 Xing family. After Wan Xing, Tencent, Kingsoft, excellent view, 3G portal and other enterprises have begun to focus on the European and American markets. In Wu’s view, Wan Xing has been able to maintain a sustained and rapid growth in software sales revenue in the overseas market, to a certain extent, from a product based strategy.

at first, because there was no big innovation, Wanxing’s product competitiveness was not strong, and it spent more time on product marketing. With the entry into this sector, there are more and more competitors, and the demand for innovation is imminent. Wu transforms his company from "marketing type" into "R & D"". After 10 years of development, Wan Hing has in Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Tokyo and set up a product R & D center, the establishment of brand and market operations center in Beijing, San Francisco, Tokyo, Hongkong, the number of employees from the initial three personal growth of 400 people, the annual income has reached tens of billion yuan. In the dark horse camp, Wan Xing also completed two rounds of financing, the current listing plan is included in the agenda.

"Wanxing product strategy is on the overseas market, constantly looking for new products, such as what kind of products have a market, in which direction should have the opportunity, we will find the product personnel to study, so there is Everfount products."

million growth in the course of ten years, "the first is to experience at the overseas market." Wu Taibing said without thinking. From the beginning of the first small software, Wan Xing has been focused on overseas, at present, more than 90% of its revenue from overseas, users throughout the world more than 200 countries and regions. The reason for this is simple – the willingness to pay for foreign applications is very high.

in addition, unlike many software vendors willing to others to do the wedding dress practice, 000 from the start up software processing route, adhere to the "brand, channel". At present, its wondershare website as a software distribution channel has become the core of the company’s product distribution channels and the main source of revenue.

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