What are the main ways of making a profitNovice must see refuse blind entrepreneurship enhance the

2, entertainment, portals sohu, etc.. Such sites are characterized by rich content, webmasters hope to attract visitors through content to increase traffic, mainly by advertising revenue. The main thing for webmasters to do is to make their content more interesting, richer and more attractive to tourists. Often webmaster will add some hot topics, add interactive communities, attract tourists and retain tourists.

3, thematic website, such as source code download, software download skycn and so on. The profits of such websites are mainly advertising and charging resources. Personally, I think the download station will be more difficult, and the upfront investment is large, and it is not recommended for individual owners to invest in this direction.

avoid crony. In this Chinese human society, many employers in the selection of staff, a reference standard is not the ability of employees, the level of loyalty, and other factors, but not by cronyism, according to each other and their relationships, determine the status and treatment of each other in the company. Popularly speaking, the inappropriate person is placed on the wrong position. Some people spend some money on their children in order to find a job. They are willing to make relatives and arrange their relatives in other people’s company. Just imagine, this and the post does not match the person, basically incompetent, long term past, the company’s management, business development level will be greatly reduced, and in the end the damage or the company. So, the Internet business, must be open and fair recruitment, have the ability, ideas, level of staff recruited u, to avoid nepotism.


website is interested in a part of it, there is a part of the site to make money, so what profit, the following are some of my views, hope to be built or newly built station friends have some inspiration.

5, service websites, such as website id186.cn and so on, mainly rely on the provision of fees and services.

1, and some sites are profitable sites, such as sales website taobao, etc., these sites belong to product display or network ShangCheng Railway Station, their main profits for the company’s sales of goods profit. For this kind of website, to do is to optimize the key words of their products, and strive for a good position, thereby increasing the number of customers.

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don’t outsource the business blindly. The company will not involve the core competitiveness and benefits of outsourcing, is conducive to cost savings, resource conservation, to maximize their own benefits. However, we can often see this phenomenon, many companies will be able to solve their own interests, and relates to the company’s business is package, so easily lead to work in a passive, such as the lack of a newspaper a shrewd accountant, the newspaper is not self training staff’s ability and level of business, but will give financial outsourcing the financial company, he did not believe their employees, but.

with the social competition, increasing the number of graduates, employment has become more and more difficult in 2014, known as the most difficult job in employment, social background, many graduates in addition to graduate, they turned to the Internet for business, familiar with computer knowledge of 80 90, involved in the Internet industry to conduct business is a lot of people’s thoughts and wishes. However, the business is not a factor of entrepreneurial success is not only limited in market resources and capital, one of the factors affecting the entrepreneur’s own knowledge, ability and entrepreneurial success. In today’s booming Internet industry, it is necessary for us to analyze the blind spots and traps that young people easily enter when they start the Internet business, and how to avoid these problems.

summary: no matter what kind of website can make money by advertising, there are commissions, offline, click and other forms, so the site traffic is very important. It can be said that traffic is money!

cash28.cn, net Wangzhuan Adsense on the development of offline profit.

do not form cliques. The idea of "a man with three hands and a lot of power" is ingrained in our minds. However, these ideas are not necessarily suitable for Internet start-ups. We can often see such an example, 35 friends met, set up a company, a few people in different positions. But in the later period, especially when there was a dispute about personal interests, several people argued with each other. In the Internet business, we want to avoid the clique problem, friend is not equal to the business partner, a few friends for leadership, policy is far less than the company’s full compliance, once the interest distribution problems, they are prone to dispute, even torn face. We should pay attention to the entanglement when we make the blade enterprises.

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