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facing the rapid shuffle of the market, the street can withstand the pressure, master their own rhythm, to the product’s initial vision of continuous progress, the test of this young start-up companies.

was created from the street, the most frequently asked question: why do users sign in?. And the street >


distinguished League members, hello everyone!

, this is in line with Foursquare’s latest revised product line. In the process of locating and signing, users add a new element: according to the user’s preferences and friends’ relationships reflected in the past registration history, they recommend more profitable businesses.

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Fred Wilson, a foreign investor, summed up the rules of social networks: 1% of users create content, 10% of curate content, and the rest of the consumer content. We’re going to let these 1% users create content better, and then serve 100 times as many users as this."

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wants to create something new, but also to fix the original problem. "What’s new on the street?" Yang Yuancheng replied: "help users make consumer decisions."."

but the new product hasn’t come out yet, but the old ones are pouring in. The outside world for questioning, users enthusiasm are still uncertain prospects, business model business for the new products of low acceptance, even stability, application of the original service distribution of fragmentation of the market, facing the team continues to expand to solve the efficiency problem, all of which side of the street team, are unable to skip the problem.

League address: www.ad4all

domestic mobile Internet development momentum is strong, reading mobile Internet companies actual cases, will be able to practitioners and people who want to enter this field will be of some reference.

in Yang Yuancheng’s eyes, the street is now like an open box, all data collection, the next thing to do is to open the box, so that the data services to more users.

talking about users: the need to record life is higher than looking for a discount

Street co-founder Yang Yuancheng Tencent technology plan

products to enter this stage, to go through a long process of data accumulation. Since March 2009, on-line Foursquare, currently has 20 million users in the world, total attendance 2 billion times. On May 2010, the number of registered users is over 3 million, and the number of active users accounts for 10%, and the number of registered users has been 50 million times.

business is like riding a broken bicycle, constantly going forward, but also a free hand to repair all kinds of problems, and you can’t stop to repair, once the stop may be apart." Yang Yuancheng, a co founder of the street, quotes Wang Xing micro-blog as a summary of his entrepreneurial process.

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