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led by Huang Yuxiang 6 entrepreneurial team mostly cycling enthusiasts, but choose to do sports applications "such a ride ride down not only from their own interests, about" why to do this "small" application ", Huang Wei Xiang and the team is through deliberate.

280 thousand registered users, the number in the tens of millions of users now star application times, does not seem to be bright, but in the eyes of the entrepreneurial base from the Tencent entrepreneur Huang Yuxiang, the now slightly thin figures, has hidden great future of myself and the team.

quality of life now more and more high, users will pay more attention to their health, application of sports and health classes will have prospects, this is Huang Yuxiang ride down the basic starting point. Huang Yuxiang introduced, he also inspected Europe and America developed countries and regions before the market, sports, health class applications have been booming.

November 2012, Huang Yuxiang and the team began to do "riding" project ideas, in March 2013, riding the first version of the record formally launched.

this is developed by Huang Yuxiang team riding sports applications, "riding", from cycling enthusiasts this small market segmentation groups, is a "small" application. But in the "tool + social platform" product ideas, "ride remember" is creating a large vertical user ecology. For such "vertical" category of "small" application, Tencent entrepreneurial base also to high-quality resources, and strive to support its growth, to help small "application" to create a big future.

Why does After Although

aim at the vertical field of riding and do "small" applications?

, I always feel that I am a very lazy person, every day I hope to get up at 9, in the evening before 12 go to bed. Because it is relatively healthy life, IT is hard at the computer every day time is long, the computer radiation on the human body great harm, if enough sleep can make up, at least more sleep the skin well, IT women in particular should pay attention to Oh, ha ha.

two, single station, probably because of busy work, work environment isolation, direct contact with the opposite sex less chance, so the physical and psychological damage is very serious.

three, and the general webmaster diet is not normal, it is no one to take care of themselves, two is also quite a day to remember if you eat a meal, do not remember if you wait to starve, starving when grab something to eat to eat.

four, webmaster at the computer, also exposed to radiation, affecting the next generation is not to say, but also affect the eyesight.

five, owners exercise less, exhausted, emaciation with sallow complexion.

six, the most sad is, day and night to pay, not only without any return, can only look forward to the future, but also for the immediate access fee, host, domain name, server rental cost >

Huang Yuxiang, cycling enthusiasts to the general sports enthusiasm is higher, and more durable, at the same time, because of the requirements of sports equipment, so the group’s consumption ability is in the upper level. In addition, several partners with Huang Yuxiang, as well as nutrition, health industry or professional bicycle industry background and accumulation of resources. Therefore, the focus of entrepreneurship in the field of cycling, it becomes a matter of course.


"With all the

riding founder Huang Yuxiang

decided the direction of sports and health entrepreneurship, Huang Yuxiang began to narrow down his reach. As a veteran of cycling and outdoor sports enthusiasts, Huang Yuxiang has a keen insight into this area. "At present, in sports population, sports has certain popularity of outdoor hiking, riding and running, from the three outdoor movement is more of a team together, the mobile phone application itself is not strong demand; while running, there have been a lot of application tools; therefore we think cycling is a more appropriate starting point".


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