How does the website maintain visitor orientation with visitor orientation

visitors are smart, and although we know there is no free lunch, but for our site to attract visitors, first of all, we want to give our visitors a free cup of coffee". Visitors to the site maintenance is the relationship between the operation of the site and visitors, the importance of visitors is self-evident.

in the site operation process, when it comes to visitor maintenance, we first have to think about: how to provide visitors with more detailed site services. In this regard, site operations must be based on the needs of visitors, taking into account the needs of target groups of visitors. So, how do we do visitors oriented maintenance of visitors, the following I share some of their views.

1, and further strengthen the development of various effective site promotion model, and in the work constantly highlight and find the site itself flash point for promotion, let more visitors to participate in the site.


is our site with the development, may visitors will also increase and accumulated a certain number of visitors, but we must know that visitors to the site will be invisible in more or less continuous loss regardless of existing or potential visitors we all need to go to business. Is the so-called negative consequences when we must, after obtaining some achievements in the development of the foundation to ensure the normal site visitors, through a variety of ways to promote promotion to better protect the visitors.

two, promptly solve the visitors feedback various problems, and actively adopt their opinions and suggestions.

in the site, how many will there is some positive visitors, they will be very active after browsing and using the site, to provide a variety of active site, the number of visitors to our proposal some value is very high, through these suggestions, we can better improve the site’s visitor friendly experience so, as a webmaster must pay attention to these problems and suggestions provided for visitors. If the number of visitors to our proposal is unreasonable or temporarily unable to realize, also need to thank the visitor’s recommendations, and to give a reasonable reply.

three, establish and improve visitor assistance system and issue friendly notification announcements.

we know that to maintain our existing visitors, visitors need to feel that our site is an authoritative and responsible service provider. In this regard, for a platform, you need to establish a comprehensive visitor assistance system, in time to give visitors the latest web service information. For example, a relatively mature site is the site upgrade and maintenance, and upgrade in the maintenance process for the same reasons that some site plate or some time accessing, this time must publish the relevant declaration on the home page of the site, or a visitor may because the site can not be normal use and stability of the site is likely to lose confidence, behind think the site is not a platform for.


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