Analyze the purpose of establishing a resource station two

yesterday, my younger brother, I have shared the purpose of analyzing and building the resource station. (1) I mainly refer to the two points mentioned above, select the keywords and select the domain name. If you don’t see one, I suggest you go and have a look.

now, the last few points:

third points, site


you may be in doubt, do not have what is the establishment of the station, to say it, I tell you about here, because you are buying high PR domain name, if you do a sloppy resource station, then you wasted this domain, others see is you this is the resource station (say bad words, is rubbish station), he will exchange with you, we think, the change is for you, you can change it, obviously you didn’t change the right. So don’t treat others as a fool! So even station resources, our website will work in the design, so as to others before they captured the hearts of others, the opportunity to exchange with you


fourth, fill content,

website construction, is filled with good filling content, as long as the content of the site, will be included and ranking, believe that as long as the owners are aware of this truth, there is not much ado. Is mainly about how to find the article, because our resources stand a chapter of the article may not send it, if this is the case, then you want to estimate you. God knows how long, resource station have included words, your site is almost dead! Because our goal is to build resource station benefits to master in the shortest time, so don’t use operation method to operate the station master station resources, so how to do? I share to everyone here, that is to collect, to gather a large number of articles, and then update a day at least dozens of articles, so a month down your site there are almost more than 1000 articles on the same day to send dozens of the chain, these one or two months will be very hard but must persist, we do SEO is to adhere to and execution, just do it two Point, you will succeed, and then wait for Baidu included.

fifth points, to exchange connections,

finally the last step is the most important step, all our efforts are for this step, our resources included after the station began, we will find the connection changed, then how to find it, those stations do not play attention, mainly to the PR than you low, because the only way to change to get connected, you can go to Baidu search keywords you want to exchange website, for those middle ranking website, hope high Oh, don’t look at your site PR high but the weight of your web site is not lower than your PR but that is the weight of the rankings the site is high, so the PR to see if you are at a disadvantage, but in fact you still earn, even if there is no money, let’s change is worth it. You got connections. Remember, SEO is the most important person to connect with, no connections, you are in this line is difficult to go on,


well, analyze the establishment of resource station >

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