From the sale to chain street network

a year ago inadvertently into mihang, is blind in a year ago in the first million net registered a 4 miscellaneous.Mobi meters! When you think good meters, since there were no Alipay, specially to ask others borrowed Alipay only registered the meters, I think was very naive. As a result, the rice was thrown away a year later. Before I heard of the domain name can make a lot of money, so I want to own a registered domain name for sale, and then in the Baidu search, soon found the domain (China largest domain name Trading Forum), saw a lot of selling the domain name of the post, he also registered a number, then the message, I ask you this 4 miscellaneous worth. Replies are many people, some say tens of thousands, and some say hundreds of thousands. At that time very happy, want to make money, very good, ha ha! Literally registered a domain name is worth so much, want to make a fortune here. Then add a group, many now have this group of heavyweight minon was, in this group, learned a lot of things, when people use 4 initials.Cn terminal analysis rate of the group! I did not optimistic about this opportunity, not with these big, but to the thousands of registered garbage is a bit about.Cn meters! Sorry! But there is no way that was completely without any experience. But playing rice for one year, money will not be lost! Ha ha! Just don’t take the chance to make big money!


all right, cut to the point. Doing websites has always been my personal hobby because of high popularity and a sense of achievement, but because of my limited skills, I don’t know any language, and I don’t know any art designers…. In this way, in high school graduation, that is, a year and a half ago, found a free forum, and then began my journey to do the station. Due to lack of experience, before the station is to try the mentality of a casual attitude, so imperceptibly has done a total of 3 free forum! Later due to contact with the domain name, know some do stand experience, then there is the first real station of its own, when the space is 10 the money to buy the space, because there is no record. So I started my trip again, for this station. The forum for the game player, account transactions, but the promotion is not in place, lack of experience, resulting in an average of 2 days no popular forum, only a registered member, and foreign space speed is really very difficult to accept, not long, the forum has closed the domain name directly sell


just a month ago, chain street network was established, specifically, the second stand me! At that time because they have a few link exchange forum, and I often go to the forum, so there is a want to build a link exchange forum idea! So began to domain name. A lot of · · he also registered a, but the feeling is not good! Then to the forum to collect! Finally, inadvertently, in the group of a friend asked me to m me,! I thought, the domain name is.Net zhenghewoyi, but feel a little disappointed, but if it is.Com if the price of corn · this is certainly not.

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