3G arrived the webmaster do what content station

now, personal stops are divided into several categories:

web site, a lot of people doing. Are the envy of the success of hao123, but the website traffic is simple, how come? I don’t have the ability to go to the computer daily newspaper advertising. Do not have the ability to engage in rape rogue software computer users do not have the ability, and Netcom cooperation, more funds no ads in major stations this is not so. Interest. Up is only about 265. They can be successful investment is too big, I cannot play.

movie station, music station, it is easy to develop, as long as you have content, can online play, traffic is not a problem. If the free movie station, half a year has accumulated a lot of users. However, the movie station on the bandwidth requirement is too high. Last year and early this year, advertising can indeed make a lot of money but the country. The copyright hit more and more serious, this is not a long way. Get up, have paid users, may be profitable. Ability. This movie station, I’m sorry, they a month later, may I do it. They had me step.

picture stand, novel station, more suitable for individuals to engage. Images are not fixed station users, unless you are a professional image material. Most see advertising or engine bring. I don’t love to collect things everywhere, lazy. Not to engage in. Admire figure king, so many pictures, some very tired. There is a novel station, because a station was acquired, suddenly came out of thousands of.

The novel

station, the main railway station. By the engine is not optimized, don’t cheat on promotion too difficult. In case of blocked corn development is a big problem. And by copying someone else station, is not the way. I guess now the new novel stand out, almost equal to the original things. No no the ability of the author wants to stay at a small station. But to make mobile phone games download station is quite promising, because 3G also fast development, the future mobile phone games is certainly one of the most popular, now mobile phone games download station is a lot, but because the market is large, it is too late to enter for example, Mobile Games home http://s.shouyou.org two months to reach more than 10 thousand IP, flow rate and income is quite considerable.

download site, is a hot, before is, now is. But the ten station 9.5 post. As long as the software content is clean, all of their servers, it is mainly the future. It is a waste of energy is too large. The space and bandwidth is large, a lot of people do not have the ability to have investment. Post. Be a shell. I also rely on this to make money. (^) admire Faye who are standing, not content, but are very classic, but also the development of early in China is one of the few well-known download station. May be shipped webmaster to do good, the good public relations. And the profit model stand under load is clear. The regular station, rely on advertising. Rogue station by binding the plugin. Even more outrageous, replace your download content directly, make your next


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