Sorabbit talk about how the current webmaster entrepreneurship in the nternet

from 95 years of Internet access to China, has been 15 years, has experienced the development of the Internet, growth period, the bubble period, stable development period, and now the Internet into a high-speed era. It is in these 15 years, early entrepreneurial Internet Co, such as Sina, Sohu, Tencent, Baidu, after all the hardships to consolidate their in today’s Internet business leaders, almost every Internet industry has one or several such enterprises, individuals, enterprises and the food market the possibility is very small. It is because of the traditional industry investment, also by geographical constraints, the competition, the domestic Internet growth speed, let more webmaster see the broad prospects of the industry, have come to the ranks of Internet entrepreneurs.

in terms of the current domestic form, the Internet over the past few years, subject to some restrictions. Always speaking, personal webmaster at present there are several entrepreneurial direction: industry station, local station, e-commerce applications. Any development of the Internet, the network to the heart, broadband penetration rate is also rising fast, people’s demand for the Internet increased, dependent on the Internet, more and more people came in, in the Internet business, but many people are into some errors.

one, the Internet as long as the incoming can make money, want to make money.

this is a lot of people into the Internet psychology, want to make money is a good thing, but the mentality of a problem, eager for success, you are far away from the success of the distance. Do industry website, local community portal, e-commerce has a good profit model, strong ability to control the operation site, the site, but also a unique marketing means, but also need to adhere to, a steady and calm state of mind. It’s not enough to just look at the future.

two, choose an Internet that you are not familiar with, cross industry business

although there are many examples can be overturned (such as Ma Yun), but it depends on what age others, under what circumstances, but also to see who he is. Gehangrugeshan, not to say no reason. Recently, with many webmaster communication, found that there are some such problems. Just optimistic about the prospects, they have entered the ranks of the Internet venture army, and finally, mostly flooded by the sea of people. For cross industry, do not recommend direct entrepreneurship, you can try to understand more of the Internet industry, more learning, more research, takes a long time. When you think you can start a business and when other people think so, then you can go inside and get some work done.

three, imagining the bright future of

there is a saying, the ideal is full, the reality is skinny. When you don’t have to do it, just want to have this mentality is not desirable as if it were raining flowers. The Internet has its own special attributes, and personal webmaster, single power thin, scarce resources, many people entrepreneurship is only in the exploration stage, many business models, marketing tools need to go to practice, so that the results to test. Too idealistic, often people fall hope. >

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