Share a rookie station experience

rabbit pig blog built almost a month. Thank you for supporting me for the last month. Share my experience with this rookie site.

March 20th, FTP upload website, tested it, the main links are available, the basic functions can be used.

began filing for login search engines in March 21st, Google, Baidu, Yahoo, and Soso……

, on March 22nd, sent a web site to a friend, and suddenly there was a surge in Web access.

March 24th, the free space for the application is a problem.

March 25th, the purchase of new space, the site entered a relatively stable stage.

March 31st, the website is filed through ICP, apply for Baidu alliance.

April 2nd, Baidu alliance refused, the reason for the content of the site needs to be improved and improved.

-4 April 3rd, 19, probably adding articles.

April 20th, the site for a month.

The initial purpose of

station is to be able to earn some MONEY, but good to think of it, it is not easy to do a web site to make money, especially for a student stationmaster, not so much time to maintenance of website, content is no way too much. If it’s an acquisition system, it might be pretty simple, but I’m a little bit of a bit of a collection of websites. Although the money can not earn much, but at least the site’s initial investment (buy space) will not lose money. In the process of site building, also learned a lot of things, the most basic HTML learning, domain name application, purchase and management, space purchase, banner and logo production, website promotion…… At first everything was strange, but in a month, I learned a lot. At the very least, these are only lessons that are impossible to learn in class. It is a good extracurricular practice.

traffic source

The traffic on the

site has always been supported by a few close friends who have barely managed to keep it. After all, there are not many new websites for me, and the search engines still have too few pages. There is a good source of traffic is to rely on my hair published an article in the BBS original post "on the two enhanced version of the" spin some ushered in a lot of traffic, but after all of his post, can think of that traffic is not enough. But I know, in order to win good traffic, the original thing is the best.

later plan

to strengthen the knowledge of Web site learning.

adds web content.

is free to write as many original things as possible. You can publish your articles on the forum and introduce traffic.

welcome welcome Bunny pig: htt>

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